Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Jersey needs to have a "Trenton Taco Party."

From the files of I'm glad I'm not a cityslicker, New Jersey is contemplating a sin tax on fast food.

While I understand the budget shortfall in New Jersey stinks worse than a long shore men in August, but to continue to raise taxes is only going to cause those that can't afford it to suffer. Those than can afford to leave are going to leave New Jersey, and those are the people that the Democrats love to claim they care about...but always suffer the most by their 'benevolent patronage.'

The state maybe should look at cutting services first and let people keep their money before anymore suffocating taxes

I figured the clintons would ruin Senator obama, just didn't figure he'd make it easy for them

The New York Daily News columnist Errol Louis has written an article where he shows the organizer at the National press club with jeremiah wright is a clinton supporter.

Whether not Senator obama totally agrees with his spiritual leader there is enough to show he at least agrees to a degree. What I even missed with his hickaphobic statement is his complete devotion to marxism. Senator obama's damage control he kept talking about how us hicks are mad that government has failed us. There are a couple huge problems with this thought. Senator obama may believe in the Almighty, I don't know, but his god is clearly government because it is clear he unable to believe that there are people that can live their lives without the table scraps from the swamp on the Potomac River. Shoot, I have yet to meet a liberal hick that doesn't get the concept of self-reliance because where Los Angeles may have to only wait 15 minutes for the police to respond it can take upwards of 45 minutes for a Sheriff's Deputy running lights and sirens across the county quickly cures the thought that government can do everything.

Over the last two days I've heard the argument he just went to that 'church' for the political connections, but how's that different than any other politician that has tried smoke and mirrors.

If you add up that weatherman underground friend, jeremiah wright, and his hatred for those that are responsible for feeding the world...he's just making it too easy for Mrs. bill clinton to steal the nomination.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 28, 1996

A week ago I was looking forward to this post with a bloodthirsty grin, but hopefully what clicked this last week sticks once and for all. The reasons this important is I owe it to Dad and the people of Minnesota, especially since the felony that was supposed to follow him until the day he died disappeared in 2006. About a month ago I had someone from Minneapolis run a search for LES LEMM. Considering how he tried to manipulate mom when he tried to run for public office I believe it needs to be done.

Over the past few years I have called LES a murderer. I realize that no state recognizes drunk driving as murder, but there are some facts that I've glossed over because they were irrelevant at the time. It came out in court papers two important facts that make this by any stretch of any state law if it would have been tried properly as third degree murder:

  1. He wanted to become a Law Enforcement Officer-meaning he knew what could happen by driving drunk.
  2. He pulled over to sleep it off. He knew he was a drunk. This makes it depraved indifference murder.

LES has NEVER accepted responsibility. He has blamed my sister, he has blamed the woman he was out with for 'loosing him in the bar.' When allegedly allecuted he tried to claim he suffered because a friend of his committed suicide. I have no doubt it's hard to have a friend eat a gun, but I don't take kindly to people that try to kill my mom, my sister, or myself let alone slaughter an innocent man. This position of having suffered shows that he either doesn't get or care what he did.

To be fair, I hate myself almost as much as I hate him. The fact that we did the Christian thing and showing mercy instead of seeking justice has kept me up more nights than I can count. The only thing I fear about death is trying to explain to God how I could compromised what I knew was the right thing leading up to the court date. So this leads my back to why this important. He has no business in public life, since a felon effectively looses their citizenship, and since it was my fault he walked away scott free there is no other recourse than this.

I realize that their Christians that won't understand why I do this and I'll probably hear the whole you're going to burn in Hell argument again, but unfortunately Christians have lost sight that God is a God of justice as well as mercy.

Mrs. Stranglelove, or How I learned to stop worrying and began to love the Bomb

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Expelled-a movie review

First off, I believe in the Genesis account. I don't know whether or not the six days are 24 hr days and there are things I question. There are no question there are variations, but for my money the holes that darwinism has is too much for me to swallow. I personally believe that the three theories of how life began should be taught unbiasedly so people can make up their own mind on what to believe (Same for economics, history, and all of life for that matter).

I honestly was expecting a little funnier of a documentary. The trailer for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed left that impression. While there were a couple chuckles it was done more a scholarly pursuit.

The opening credits started out with the building of the Berlin Wall which led Mr. Stein talking about who were are as American, how the freedom of speech and the free change of ideas is so important to who we are as a people and how dangerous it is for science to silence those who dissent from the 'consensus' of evolution.

I'll be honest after Mr. Stein started on who we are as Americans I was hooked, but the part where I was blown away was where they were talking about how complex a molecule is...I don't know about anyone else in the theater, or if any of the intellent design people for that matter see the Hand of God in Creation.

It also talked about what happens with science research without ethics...the inevitable result is eugenics. It is not something that is conjecture, it was manifested in the national socialist movement in 1930 Germany (joe stalin also had the same pursuits in the ussr).

This is a must see film for ALL Americans. Whether or not Creation, intelligent design, or evolution is adopted for a personal philosophy questioning what YOU believe and why is paramount to the essence of man and shutting off discussion because you can't handle the truth is narrow minded (well more than a couple weeks anyway).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gratitude Campaign

Gunslinger has this:

This is fantastic!.....(30 second video)..."Have you ever seen one of our military walking past you and wanted to convey to them your thanks, but weren't sure how or it felt awkward?Recently, a gentleman from Seattle created a gesture which could be used and has started a massive movement to get the word out. Please everybody take just a moment to watch.... The Gratitude Campaign ...and then forward it to your friends!"Or better them here!The Gunslinger

I know it is always easier to thank those you know that have picked up a rifle for this nation, but ALL our guys are owed a debt that we can't repay. Then there are the kids that lost their parents there is the Marine Corps Law Enforcement fund

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Since Senator obama hates us rednecks My top Redneck songs

I thought about putting a list together about the things I'm bitter about, but the more I thought about it slamming people from another political party is a little tiresome and I put enough digs in a Mrs. bill clinton that reminding people how liberals like to tell us something is racist then see a liberal politician hoisting a UND Fighting Sioux hockey stick over his head like the Stanley Cup

seams a little petty (maybe a little hypocritical, but hey I'm just a dumb hick that's to stupid to read das kapital or the communist manifesto for myself, it's not like I had rich Grandparents that could afford a private school education, but at least I do know about the oppression of the 10th Calvary toward the Nations ...something that jeremiah wright some how forgot to mention on his tirades about how evil us crackers are.)

So in effort to dissuade any bitterness aimed toward a white Republican from Minnesota (try to keep that for April 28th even if that doesn't work to well), or city slickers from both parties I figured listing the best hick songs from all time would be a good idea.

Redneck Girl by the Belley Brothers. There isn't much sexier than a woman than can handle a standard transmission. A warning: if your offended by the Stars and Bars don't watch the video.

What This World needs is a Few more Rednecks, by Charlie Daniels. This gives the definition of a redneck.

John Deere Green by Joe Diffie.

Prop me Up Beside the Jukebox if I Die by Joe Diffie. Carry Nation maybe a hero of mine, but this is just a great song

White Lightning, by George Jones

Take this Job and Shove it by David Allen Coe.

Pick-Up Man by Joe Diffie. I still need to get a gunrack for Elly May.

Momma's Don't let your Babies grow up to be cowboys by Willie Nelson. Teddy Roosevelt once said that if it wasn't for his time running a herd out here he wouldn't have been President. Maybe Senator obama needs a man's job before he spouts how stupid those of us that have Lazy T are. When we were giving our deposition for what LES LEMM did the lawyers asked when I had my first job. I answer my first paying job was when I was ten. They laughed and said was it delivering papers. When I replied it was working cattle these brilliant Minneapolis lawyers were silent for a couple of minutes...but I guess I'm just a dumb hick.

Just a Good Ole Boys, by Waylon Jennings. Daisy was my second crush after Reba.

Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynnrd Skynnard. Don't have to be from Alabama to love this song. When CMT was doing something similar they said something like there is a guilty conscience to this, I don't get where they get that from, guess they hated to admit they liked it. As far as I'm concerned this IS the greatest redneck song.

All my Rowdy Friends by Hank, jr.

A Country Boy will Survive by Hank, jr. Speaking of .45's thanks to the annual purchase a gun day (April 15th) I purchased a beautiful Parkerized Springfield Armory 1911

International Harvester, by Craig Morgan. I prefer John Deere and they don't even make IH anymore but it would do a couple city slicker Senators some good to get behind a combine.

Take it Easy, by the Eagles. Because we all have seven women on our mind...the only one I'm really worried about is the one that would send janet reno into my place after a Cuban refugee. I'm guessing the only Senator that has actually been to Winslow, Arizona is John McCain.

East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed. The movie that lead to the Dukes of Hazard. The movie is a must for any redneck or anyone that loves this country.

I'm Bad like Jesse James by John Lee Hooker. He sings about being mad and that he will use his gun... I guess this the kind of person Senator obama doesn't like.

God Bless the USA, by Lee Greenwood. Being a dumb hick you know we love this country...I mean imagine someone who loves their country in spite of whatever faults we may have. I know for city slickers it must be tough.

Well if you excuse I have to go clean my coyote rifle before Bible study, Mine eyes have seen the Glory......

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two and half liberals. or why can't Senator mccain stay a Republican?

Senator mccain was complaining the other day about how much CEO make. For someone that was more than willing to violate the First Amendment this is an unwelcome sign that he thinks government is the answer for all of life's ills.

There is no reason that business should have to ask government what is acceptable to pay it's employees. Congress in no way asks us if they deserve a pay raise, free health care, or should have to pay social security. I realize those that reside in the wetlands between Maryland and Virgina live in their own little world, and have this internal that amazingly flows from something that freakishly similar to das kapital.

I will be honest, being a poor hick it is pretty disgusting listen to rich people talk about how unfair it is there are people that earn more money, just to try to earn the 'common man' moniker (granted Mrs. bill clinton is trying to shake the concept of Vlad the Impaler eating garlic incase she comes around). At least none of them are from Massachusetts, walk into a sporting goods store, can speak several languages, and says; "Can I get me a huntin' licence."

While it maybe hypocritical that they really don't donate any money, it really isn't surprising since they ALL THREE think government is the only savior this nation needs.

I don't care what CEO's make. If I don't like what the CEO of Coca Cola is making a year, I don't have to buy the product, buy a voting interest in the company, or buy the cheap Our Family cola. The bottom line is we as the general public have little or nothing to do with the salary of CEO, granted I've always looked at what people get payed in light of the Lord of the Harvest parable. While it specifically talks about those getting saved later getting the same reward, like ALL of Christ's parables they are multifaceted. I have been in jobs where I was making less than what I should have, but the employer had the right to give X worker Y amount more because that was their is the way life works.

Politicians decrying what CEO, baseball players, or media personalities are doing little more than just trying to use the populace as pawns.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Can't we just give Illinois to Canada?

One of the thousands of things that drive me nuts about city slickers is they have no perspective on how the rest of the country thinks. It never ceased to amaze me how us hicks are the ignorant ones about life, who we are as Americans, how much we should make ourselves subservient to the government, ethnic groups and a person's color of hide.

The only people that seam to be calling for government payed-strike that-tax payer provided health care is a bunch of city slickers that have proven time and again they care more about control than the populace. For instance, the clinton's had illegally obtained FBI files for an enemies list that would make President Nixon jealous (I'll leave alone all the American citizens that died at their hands.) Tax payer health care won't work for us hicks, because the distance between hospitals are to few and far in between as it is. Back during the 90's when outmigration was at the highest schools were forced to merge because of numbers. Fine for schools, but for health care not a good thing if a rattlesnake bite kills in thirty minutes. If tax payer health care happens these mergers will take place 'because of lack of population.' People will die. For those that say this won't happen I'll remind you of the Homeland Security Bill four years ago when North Dakota was going to get a boost, but New York State (that has millions of tax payers) whined about how few people lived in North Dakota and not having to worry about our citizens, conveniently ignored the six hundred mile border, we don't the tax base to patrol the border that is just as porous as the Mexican border. But I guess I shouldn't allow facts to get in the way.

Now Senator Obama's 'church' wants to have a nationwide discussion on race. It maybe a good thing, but ALL Easterners seam to think there are only two races and a person's hide is the cause of all problems including the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby and who shot JR on Dallas.

First off, if Mayor Giuliani is to liberal for me to vote for there is no way I'd vote for Senator Obama. My issues with what jeremiah wright said stem from my bias being a former's Pastors kid. Anyone that takes to a pulpit and claims to be a Pastor needs to be a Pastor.

My Dad was on a crisis response team that the Ministerial Association. A month before he was killed we had a town cop that was shot by an alcky. Dad counselled numerous people throughout his life and we weren't aware of how many people he corresponded with until his funeral.

The day before my dad was killed by LES LEMM we were heading home from college I was telling dad about a hostage situation that one of my professors was involved with. The hostage taker asked for a Pastor on a Sunday Afternoon and there was not one to be found. Now my dad NEVER being dogmatic about anything repeatedly said, "Pastor will go no matter what time of day or what is going on. A pastor WILL BE where he is needed." After we were hit, there was a Baptist Minister that came to see us at 4:00 AM on a Sunday Morning, something that couldn't be easy because Sunday morning is when a Pastor puts forth the final prayer making sure their heart is right before God, This Pastor drove 40 miles to visit mom in the second hospital later that day and came back the next day...for people he never met.

Dad was very careful not to put stumbling blocks between God and man. I remember him telling someone that wanted him to endorse Pat Robertson for President because he was a Christian that he wouldn't do something that might turn someone off to the cause of Christ.

A person that pushes hate whether it is that West borough group that protest funerals, a Chaplin for (when I found out these existed I about threw up) the klu kluckin' kheckens, or a group that would curse this country because of our short comings. They all have the right to believe what they want, shoot they can keep speaking. BUT expect their opinion should be at the forefront of any change (good marxist principle) I don't want any part of it because these groups don't really don't want opposing views and to be honest Easterner's 'talking about race' had the same affect as the pro-life movement on me caring about abortion...I know that there are a few problems but I just don't care. Besides, if Easterners don't care about Pine Ridge (the poorest place in the US) I guess that means us hicks have to.