Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 28, 1996

A week ago I was looking forward to this post with a bloodthirsty grin, but hopefully what clicked this last week sticks once and for all. The reasons this important is I owe it to Dad and the people of Minnesota, especially since the felony that was supposed to follow him until the day he died disappeared in 2006. About a month ago I had someone from Minneapolis run a search for LES LEMM. Considering how he tried to manipulate mom when he tried to run for public office I believe it needs to be done.

Over the past few years I have called LES a murderer. I realize that no state recognizes drunk driving as murder, but there are some facts that I've glossed over because they were irrelevant at the time. It came out in court papers two important facts that make this by any stretch of any state law if it would have been tried properly as third degree murder:

  1. He wanted to become a Law Enforcement Officer-meaning he knew what could happen by driving drunk.
  2. He pulled over to sleep it off. He knew he was a drunk. This makes it depraved indifference murder.

LES has NEVER accepted responsibility. He has blamed my sister, he has blamed the woman he was out with for 'loosing him in the bar.' When allegedly allecuted he tried to claim he suffered because a friend of his committed suicide. I have no doubt it's hard to have a friend eat a gun, but I don't take kindly to people that try to kill my mom, my sister, or myself let alone slaughter an innocent man. This position of having suffered shows that he either doesn't get or care what he did.

To be fair, I hate myself almost as much as I hate him. The fact that we did the Christian thing and showing mercy instead of seeking justice has kept me up more nights than I can count. The only thing I fear about death is trying to explain to God how I could compromised what I knew was the right thing leading up to the court date. So this leads my back to why this important. He has no business in public life, since a felon effectively looses their citizenship, and since it was my fault he walked away scott free there is no other recourse than this.

I realize that their Christians that won't understand why I do this and I'll probably hear the whole you're going to burn in Hell argument again, but unfortunately Christians have lost sight that God is a God of justice as well as mercy.

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