Friday, April 04, 2008

Can't we just give Illinois to Canada?

One of the thousands of things that drive me nuts about city slickers is they have no perspective on how the rest of the country thinks. It never ceased to amaze me how us hicks are the ignorant ones about life, who we are as Americans, how much we should make ourselves subservient to the government, ethnic groups and a person's color of hide.

The only people that seam to be calling for government payed-strike that-tax payer provided health care is a bunch of city slickers that have proven time and again they care more about control than the populace. For instance, the clinton's had illegally obtained FBI files for an enemies list that would make President Nixon jealous (I'll leave alone all the American citizens that died at their hands.) Tax payer health care won't work for us hicks, because the distance between hospitals are to few and far in between as it is. Back during the 90's when outmigration was at the highest schools were forced to merge because of numbers. Fine for schools, but for health care not a good thing if a rattlesnake bite kills in thirty minutes. If tax payer health care happens these mergers will take place 'because of lack of population.' People will die. For those that say this won't happen I'll remind you of the Homeland Security Bill four years ago when North Dakota was going to get a boost, but New York State (that has millions of tax payers) whined about how few people lived in North Dakota and not having to worry about our citizens, conveniently ignored the six hundred mile border, we don't the tax base to patrol the border that is just as porous as the Mexican border. But I guess I shouldn't allow facts to get in the way.

Now Senator Obama's 'church' wants to have a nationwide discussion on race. It maybe a good thing, but ALL Easterners seam to think there are only two races and a person's hide is the cause of all problems including the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby and who shot JR on Dallas.

First off, if Mayor Giuliani is to liberal for me to vote for there is no way I'd vote for Senator Obama. My issues with what jeremiah wright said stem from my bias being a former's Pastors kid. Anyone that takes to a pulpit and claims to be a Pastor needs to be a Pastor.

My Dad was on a crisis response team that the Ministerial Association. A month before he was killed we had a town cop that was shot by an alcky. Dad counselled numerous people throughout his life and we weren't aware of how many people he corresponded with until his funeral.

The day before my dad was killed by LES LEMM we were heading home from college I was telling dad about a hostage situation that one of my professors was involved with. The hostage taker asked for a Pastor on a Sunday Afternoon and there was not one to be found. Now my dad NEVER being dogmatic about anything repeatedly said, "Pastor will go no matter what time of day or what is going on. A pastor WILL BE where he is needed." After we were hit, there was a Baptist Minister that came to see us at 4:00 AM on a Sunday Morning, something that couldn't be easy because Sunday morning is when a Pastor puts forth the final prayer making sure their heart is right before God, This Pastor drove 40 miles to visit mom in the second hospital later that day and came back the next day...for people he never met.

Dad was very careful not to put stumbling blocks between God and man. I remember him telling someone that wanted him to endorse Pat Robertson for President because he was a Christian that he wouldn't do something that might turn someone off to the cause of Christ.

A person that pushes hate whether it is that West borough group that protest funerals, a Chaplin for (when I found out these existed I about threw up) the klu kluckin' kheckens, or a group that would curse this country because of our short comings. They all have the right to believe what they want, shoot they can keep speaking. BUT expect their opinion should be at the forefront of any change (good marxist principle) I don't want any part of it because these groups don't really don't want opposing views and to be honest Easterner's 'talking about race' had the same affect as the pro-life movement on me caring about abortion...I know that there are a few problems but I just don't care. Besides, if Easterners don't care about Pine Ridge (the poorest place in the US) I guess that means us hicks have to.


Just John said...

Well said!

Who says one must hail from "the city" to have an informed opinion? More often than not, the alleged "informed" opinion is based on emotion, not common sense or logic.


Edit for Just John: (due to no profanity rule of my dictatorship)

ust John has left a new comment on your post "Can't we just give Illinois to Canada?":

I don't know when it became en vogue to give up certain rights, but the right to say "that's a crock of garbage" should still be intact...last time I checked. (sorry for the foul language...some things make me angry)

There are many efforts afoot by the liberal left to take our rights from us, and I oppose them all. The scary part is that the alleged "right" is bowing down and letting them do it.

Thank God for the Second Amendment!

Some people have stood up for rights, and some people have stood up on top of the rights that were provided them. There is a difference.

Dang sure can stir things up...