Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Expelled-a movie review

First off, I believe in the Genesis account. I don't know whether or not the six days are 24 hr days and there are things I question. There are no question there are variations, but for my money the holes that darwinism has is too much for me to swallow. I personally believe that the three theories of how life began should be taught unbiasedly so people can make up their own mind on what to believe (Same for economics, history, and all of life for that matter).

I honestly was expecting a little funnier of a documentary. The trailer for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed left that impression. While there were a couple chuckles it was done more a scholarly pursuit.

The opening credits started out with the building of the Berlin Wall which led Mr. Stein talking about who were are as American, how the freedom of speech and the free change of ideas is so important to who we are as a people and how dangerous it is for science to silence those who dissent from the 'consensus' of evolution.

I'll be honest after Mr. Stein started on who we are as Americans I was hooked, but the part where I was blown away was where they were talking about how complex a molecule is...I don't know about anyone else in the theater, or if any of the intellent design people for that matter see the Hand of God in Creation.

It also talked about what happens with science research without ethics...the inevitable result is eugenics. It is not something that is conjecture, it was manifested in the national socialist movement in 1930 Germany (joe stalin also had the same pursuits in the ussr).

This is a must see film for ALL Americans. Whether or not Creation, intelligent design, or evolution is adopted for a personal philosophy questioning what YOU believe and why is paramount to the essence of man and shutting off discussion because you can't handle the truth is narrow minded (well more than a couple weeks anyway).

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