Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I figured the clintons would ruin Senator obama, just didn't figure he'd make it easy for them

The New York Daily News columnist Errol Louis has written an article where he shows the organizer at the National press club with jeremiah wright is a clinton supporter.

Whether not Senator obama totally agrees with his spiritual leader there is enough to show he at least agrees to a degree. What I even missed with his hickaphobic statement is his complete devotion to marxism. Senator obama's damage control he kept talking about how us hicks are mad that government has failed us. There are a couple huge problems with this thought. Senator obama may believe in the Almighty, I don't know, but his god is clearly government because it is clear he unable to believe that there are people that can live their lives without the table scraps from the swamp on the Potomac River. Shoot, I have yet to meet a liberal hick that doesn't get the concept of self-reliance because where Los Angeles may have to only wait 15 minutes for the police to respond it can take upwards of 45 minutes for a Sheriff's Deputy running lights and sirens across the county quickly cures the thought that government can do everything.

Over the last two days I've heard the argument he just went to that 'church' for the political connections, but how's that different than any other politician that has tried smoke and mirrors.

If you add up that weatherman underground friend, jeremiah wright, and his hatred for those that are responsible for feeding the world...he's just making it too easy for Mrs. bill clinton to steal the nomination.

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