Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Since Senator obama hates us rednecks My top Redneck songs

I thought about putting a list together about the things I'm bitter about, but the more I thought about it slamming people from another political party is a little tiresome and I put enough digs in a Mrs. bill clinton that reminding people how liberals like to tell us something is racist then see a liberal politician hoisting a UND Fighting Sioux hockey stick over his head like the Stanley Cup

seams a little petty (maybe a little hypocritical, but hey I'm just a dumb hick that's to stupid to read das kapital or the communist manifesto for myself, it's not like I had rich Grandparents that could afford a private school education, but at least I do know about the oppression of the 10th Calvary toward the Nations ...something that jeremiah wright some how forgot to mention on his tirades about how evil us crackers are.)

So in effort to dissuade any bitterness aimed toward a white Republican from Minnesota (try to keep that for April 28th even if that doesn't work to well), or city slickers from both parties I figured listing the best hick songs from all time would be a good idea.

Redneck Girl by the Belley Brothers. There isn't much sexier than a woman than can handle a standard transmission. A warning: if your offended by the Stars and Bars don't watch the video.

What This World needs is a Few more Rednecks, by Charlie Daniels. This gives the definition of a redneck.

John Deere Green by Joe Diffie.

Prop me Up Beside the Jukebox if I Die by Joe Diffie. Carry Nation maybe a hero of mine, but this is just a great song

White Lightning, by George Jones

Take this Job and Shove it by David Allen Coe.

Pick-Up Man by Joe Diffie. I still need to get a gunrack for Elly May.

Momma's Don't let your Babies grow up to be cowboys by Willie Nelson. Teddy Roosevelt once said that if it wasn't for his time running a herd out here he wouldn't have been President. Maybe Senator obama needs a man's job before he spouts how stupid those of us that have Lazy T are. When we were giving our deposition for what LES LEMM did the lawyers asked when I had my first job. I answer my first paying job was when I was ten. They laughed and said was it delivering papers. When I replied it was working cattle these brilliant Minneapolis lawyers were silent for a couple of minutes...but I guess I'm just a dumb hick.

Just a Good Ole Boys, by Waylon Jennings. Daisy was my second crush after Reba.

Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynnrd Skynnard. Don't have to be from Alabama to love this song. When CMT was doing something similar they said something like there is a guilty conscience to this, I don't get where they get that from, guess they hated to admit they liked it. As far as I'm concerned this IS the greatest redneck song.

All my Rowdy Friends by Hank, jr.

A Country Boy will Survive by Hank, jr. Speaking of .45's thanks to the annual purchase a gun day (April 15th) I purchased a beautiful Parkerized Springfield Armory 1911

International Harvester, by Craig Morgan. I prefer John Deere and they don't even make IH anymore but it would do a couple city slicker Senators some good to get behind a combine.

Take it Easy, by the Eagles. Because we all have seven women on our mind...the only one I'm really worried about is the one that would send janet reno into my place after a Cuban refugee. I'm guessing the only Senator that has actually been to Winslow, Arizona is John McCain.

East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed. The movie that lead to the Dukes of Hazard. The movie is a must for any redneck or anyone that loves this country.

I'm Bad like Jesse James by John Lee Hooker. He sings about being mad and that he will use his gun... I guess this the kind of person Senator obama doesn't like.

God Bless the USA, by Lee Greenwood. Being a dumb hick you know we love this country...I mean imagine someone who loves their country in spite of whatever faults we may have. I know for city slickers it must be tough.

Well if you excuse I have to go clean my coyote rifle before Bible study, Mine eyes have seen the Glory......

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