Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two and half liberals. or why can't Senator mccain stay a Republican?

Senator mccain was complaining the other day about how much CEO make. For someone that was more than willing to violate the First Amendment this is an unwelcome sign that he thinks government is the answer for all of life's ills.

There is no reason that business should have to ask government what is acceptable to pay it's employees. Congress in no way asks us if they deserve a pay raise, free health care, or should have to pay social security. I realize those that reside in the wetlands between Maryland and Virgina live in their own little world, and have this internal that amazingly flows from something that freakishly similar to das kapital.

I will be honest, being a poor hick it is pretty disgusting listen to rich people talk about how unfair it is there are people that earn more money, just to try to earn the 'common man' moniker (granted Mrs. bill clinton is trying to shake the concept of Vlad the Impaler eating garlic incase she comes around). At least none of them are from Massachusetts, walk into a sporting goods store, can speak several languages, and says; "Can I get me a huntin' licence."

While it maybe hypocritical that they really don't donate any money, it really isn't surprising since they ALL THREE think government is the only savior this nation needs.

I don't care what CEO's make. If I don't like what the CEO of Coca Cola is making a year, I don't have to buy the product, buy a voting interest in the company, or buy the cheap Our Family cola. The bottom line is we as the general public have little or nothing to do with the salary of CEO, granted I've always looked at what people get payed in light of the Lord of the Harvest parable. While it specifically talks about those getting saved later getting the same reward, like ALL of Christ's parables they are multifaceted. I have been in jobs where I was making less than what I should have, but the employer had the right to give X worker Y amount more because that was their is the way life works.

Politicians decrying what CEO, baseball players, or media personalities are doing little more than just trying to use the populace as pawns.

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