Friday, May 30, 2008

To bad politics isn't like real life

In most of life when talking about principles or realities if A is true then B is true. But when it comes to politicians even when A is true, when B happens they will try to claim no hypocrisy, or it is too nuanced for the 'common man' to understand.

The Denver Post has an interesting story about the democrats not having enough money for their convention so they have to cut spending. To bad the only thing they ever want to cut is the one thing the Constitution demands government do (for those of you that live in the swamp on the Potomac River that is the military.)

I would throw in a couple of bucks if it means Mrs. bill clinton and Senator obama would have a cage match decide who gets the nomination.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

USS North Dakota-Future Submarine?

KMOT is reporting:

An effort is under way to name a new Navy ship after North Dakota. Senator Byron Dorgan says former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher will serve as honorary chairman of the USS North Dakota Committee. Christopher is a native of Scranton and a Navy veteran. Dorgan says the group`s mission is to persuade the seagoing service to christen a vessel after the state. The state`s congressional delegation last year met with the Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter to urge the military to name a new submarine after the state. Winter says North Dakota is being considered. A Navy battleship was named for North Dakota but it was decommissioned in 1923 and sold for scrap in 1931.

Info on the letter writing campaign can be found at

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Friday, May 23, 2008

"Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of."

-- James Madison (Federalist No. 46, 1 February 1788)Reference: Madison, Federalist No. 46.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senator obama would have made a great 19th Century Indian Agent-forgive the sarcasm

Some how I missed where Senator obama was speaking this weekend to a crowd of mostly Indians (I dare you to use the term Native American to a member of AIM). One of the sound clips was how horrible it is that Washington ignores them. Sigh, I realize he's a city slicker and shouldn't hold him accountable for not understanding history but when Washington has paid attention to the Nations it wasn't good for them.

I could go into the Trail of Tears, the Indian Schools, the pox infested blankets, or even the more modern incident where the Feds armed Tribal President wilson's goon squad on Pine Ridge with M-16's to suppress the growing AIM movement in the early 1970s (that's the full-auto). But it is clear there is one incident that should be discussed and if I were at speech I would have been more than a little worried.

The number one incident that those that hate this country point to as proof we are a horrible people is the Massacre at Wounded Knee. I've read quite a bit on the event because of this and I wanted to know how it could happen.

There are somethings that need to be known about the lead up to the event. The Ghost Dance Religion was a threat to settlers because it called for the return of the Ancestors so the whites would be removed. It wouldn't have taken much for some warriors to become impatient and start raiding again.

The government's response was to send in the Seventh Calvary to disarm the populace. Now, I've read some historians that wrote about how wrong it was to have the Seventh ride in because of the Little Bighorn, very interesting but stupid. Gressy Grass took place 14 years earlier any of the command that would have survived would have been long gone. The country was divided into military districts so the Seventh was the detachment that should have responded.

Like I said, I've read several accounts of what occurred. The event that touched the event off was a trooper was trying to take a rifle from an Indian that was deaf. There are several liberal accounts that say he wouldn't give up the rifle because he didn't understand what was going on. It is more likely he 1. didn't see why he should give up his rifle 2. would have more likely said something like you can have my rifle when you pry it from my dead cold hands. I may be extrapolate a little but I know the culture. The one thing ALL accounts agree with is no one knows where the first shot came from. This tells me that no one really knows who shot first and it's likely that in the struggle to take the rifle there was a negligent discharge of the firearm.

I've heard from several cops when you're partner shoots you shoot. I know that this sounds bad, but gun battles happen you hesitate you die and there is a good chance of not knowing what the partner is seeing so this happens right or wrong.

Just a recap how this happened: Some politician was mad that there was religious people that were clinging to their guns and didn't want any support from Washington DC. It is a good thing we have evolved as a society and we do not have any politicians that think this way.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My answer to Senator mccain's global warming plan

I figured out the way to save the world from global warming, get more energy for the US, get more health care, and not have to cling so tightly to my God or firearms.

  1. Those that believe in global warming must first put their money in a trust in case something happens they die.
  2. Those that believe in global warming must hold their breath indefinitely since we are told that Carbon Dioxide causes global warming.

Now after these two things several things could occur:

  1. The needy will have health care that isn't tax payer funded
  2. We will be able to use the oil that those that would have been in opposition to SUVs or my beloved Elly May.
  3. We can drill off the coasts and in ANWAR
  4. We can build nuclear facilities
  5. Since the vast majority of tree huggers is anti firearms and anti self-defense, no more NFA of 1934 (Dang I want a Thompson)
  6. Prayer in school more often than before tests allowed
  7. Lower taxes.
  8. No more social security. (I want my money to invest on my own!!!)
  9. Better educational system.
  10. No more RINOs
  11. I get to be the next El Presidente for life of Cuba. (I hear Cuba has the best cigars and I've always wanted my own banana republic so...)

Since I'm just a hick, I realize those that believe in global warming won't listen to me nothing will change for the better and all we get worthless candidates...well at least I can make fun of them.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mayor bloomberg thinks that your body belongs to the government

The USA Today is reporting that New York City's ambulances will prep a corpse for organ transportation before getting consent from family members.

This concept just underscores how the concept of tax payer health care will not only take away our freedom of choice, but shows an inherent belief by government officials that people are subservient to the government.

We are at the point in our countries history if we are going to have to decide if our freedom is more important than what the government thinks we should do. The thought that the government can desecrate a body because it deems it's necessary should run shivers across the hide of every freedom loving person.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Woodrow Wilson Keeble to Receive North Dakota's Highest Award is Reporting:

The honors have come years after his passing, but to his family and fellow soldiers, he`s always been a hero.
Woodrow Wilson Keeble will receive North Dakota`s highest honor, the Roughrider Award. Governor Hoeven says it`s given to people who have achieved national recognition that honors the people of North Dakota. Keeble had served in World War Two and in the Korean War.In 1951, he saved the lives of his platoon members by single-handedly killing more than a dozen enemy soldiers while he was wounded. He passed away in 1982. Earlier this year, President Bush presented the Medal of Honor to members of his family. Keeble will be the 36th North Dakotan to receive the Roughrider award. Hoeven says there will be a formal induction ceremony in a couple of months. He says the timing is right because of the work our soldiers are doing overseas in the war on terror."His selfless acts, his courage, his care for his fellow soldiers I think epitomizes our great North Dakota soldiers," Hoeven says.Keeble was raised in Wahpeton. He was the first full-blooded Sioux to win the Medal of Honor.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Grandma's Tree by guest contributor Mom

Grandma had told me the story before but today she was going to show me! The Overturf farm she grew up on, the Como school she had attend, and tree that she had cared for as a girl.
The gravel road crackled as the car rolled to a stop.

“There it is”, Grandma said as she pointed to a lone pine tree perched up on the top of a large rock on the barren the hillside. I starred out the window. My six years of age made the tree look like a giant standing there atop the boulder. “Wow can I climb up there,” I asked filled with excited anticipation?

“Sure but you be careful. Go around the back side where the hill is closer to the top of the rock” she explained to me. I scrambled up with out even noticing the look that came over her. She had been here many times in her lifetime.

The gentle breeze tugged at whips of hair as her mind drifted back in time to when she was the little girl filled with wonder. “Daddy, Daddy, guess what I found today? A little baby tree.” She said pausing to catch her breath.

“ Well tell me Mabel,” Her Daddy said with a smile,” What is so special about a baby tree?”
“It’s up there Daddy, on the big rock. Right there on the top of that big rock. I saw it when I was out sploirng!”

“The word is exploring” he smiled at his little daughter. As she hurried on. “Exploring. I found it up there and it was thirsty so I took a cup of water up there to it. I am going to water it every day so it can grow big. Every morning on my way to school!”

Well now that is a fine idea but you have to do your chores first and you can’t be late for school.”
“Oh Daddy,” she smiled up at him as she climbed up into his lab.

Mabel smiled to herself as she fondly remembered those days.
“Grandma” I broke in on her reminiscing, “Look I am all the way up here”

“You be careful now. Do you see how the roots of the tree have grown so strong that they have cracked the rock?”

“Is this really the tree Grandma?”

“Yes, it sure is. The very tree that I watered as a little girl.”

I stood tall there at the base of the tree. I could look out over the valley that stretched out before me. From my lofty perch I could see the Como schoolhouse that Grandma had attended, The beautiful Como Peaks that were so blue in contrast to the snow that covered their sharp peaks. Turning I could see Shook Mountain, named for My Great Grandfather, Granville Shook and Tabor Mountain, that was closer just across from the school. Tabor Mountain was named after my Great Grandpa Tabor. What a rich heritage this valley holds for me.

As here I stood at the base of the tree. The roots had indeed cracked the large boulder and had grown down into it. The tree stood tall on top of the rock as if to stretch out to see the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in which it was privileged to be a part of. The tree is a monument of sorts to a little girl, Mabel (Overturf, Cornish) McKillop, who loved and cared for it those many days long ago.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A tax every American can get behind

I was talking to my beloved sister tonight and we came up with an exciting new tax plan that every American citizen can and should get behind. We decided that to raise revenue through taxes that we tax every political advertisement whether it is a yard sign, radio or TV ad.

It will be a progressive tax, those that have more will be taxed more. The base rate will be 20% per ad, but if calling for money for a failed government project the rate will be 40%. Telling the populace that they are racist for wanting the law enforced 60%, saying that we need another government program 70%, an ad that advocates personal responsibility .05%. Also, if a candidate is an incumbent the rate would be higher to make things fair for competitor to run an equal campaign.

If the tax on firearms and ammunition isn't unConstitutional this shouldn't either because it isn't an attempt to regulate free speech, but to help the populace.

This tax would also cover the 527 and could also affect groups I believe in, such as M.A.D.D or the NRA, but the objective is for politicians to understand what an over burdensome tax burden is and to provide tax relief for us taxpayers.

If you drive drunk you have no business in public life

New York Republican Congressman got busted for drunk driving Thursday with a BAC of .17. He is only going to receive FIVE days for a criminal act that could kill an innocent person.

I don't care what party a person is whether or not it's a kennedy, les lemm, or a Republican if you are going to be so selfish to put others to risk you should be no where near public office. The sheer amount of arrogance of politicians that care more about their enjoyment than those they pass laws on the populace. It is the very definition of elitism to expect the citizenry to follow the laws that they flaunt because they can.

Any politician that acts like they are above the law should go.