Saturday, May 03, 2008

If you drive drunk you have no business in public life

New York Republican Congressman got busted for drunk driving Thursday with a BAC of .17. He is only going to receive FIVE days for a criminal act that could kill an innocent person.

I don't care what party a person is whether or not it's a kennedy, les lemm, or a Republican if you are going to be so selfish to put others to risk you should be no where near public office. The sheer amount of arrogance of politicians that care more about their enjoyment than those they pass laws on the populace. It is the very definition of elitism to expect the citizenry to follow the laws that they flaunt because they can.

Any politician that acts like they are above the law should go.

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Just John said...

He should wake up in the nightmare of being a real person...where people are actually punished for their crimes (in some states).

In the meantime, we should strive to see our laws actually enforced. What a radical idea that is!