Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My answer to Senator mccain's global warming plan

I figured out the way to save the world from global warming, get more energy for the US, get more health care, and not have to cling so tightly to my God or firearms.

  1. Those that believe in global warming must first put their money in a trust in case something happens they die.
  2. Those that believe in global warming must hold their breath indefinitely since we are told that Carbon Dioxide causes global warming.

Now after these two things several things could occur:

  1. The needy will have health care that isn't tax payer funded
  2. We will be able to use the oil that those that would have been in opposition to SUVs or my beloved Elly May.
  3. We can drill off the coasts and in ANWAR
  4. We can build nuclear facilities
  5. Since the vast majority of tree huggers is anti firearms and anti self-defense, no more NFA of 1934 (Dang I want a Thompson)
  6. Prayer in school more often than before tests allowed
  7. Lower taxes.
  8. No more social security. (I want my money to invest on my own!!!)
  9. Better educational system.
  10. No more RINOs
  11. I get to be the next El Presidente for life of Cuba. (I hear Cuba has the best cigars and I've always wanted my own banana republic so...)

Since I'm just a hick, I realize those that believe in global warming won't listen to me nothing will change for the better and all we get worthless candidates...well at least I can make fun of them.


Just John said...

They may never listen, but it's still an excellent suggestion!

sbvor said...

There is a great deal more I can and will (later) post on this topic. For now, you may find these two posts (and associated sub-links) of interest:
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