Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senator obama would have made a great 19th Century Indian Agent-forgive the sarcasm

Some how I missed where Senator obama was speaking this weekend to a crowd of mostly Indians (I dare you to use the term Native American to a member of AIM). One of the sound clips was how horrible it is that Washington ignores them. Sigh, I realize he's a city slicker and shouldn't hold him accountable for not understanding history but when Washington has paid attention to the Nations it wasn't good for them.

I could go into the Trail of Tears, the Indian Schools, the pox infested blankets, or even the more modern incident where the Feds armed Tribal President wilson's goon squad on Pine Ridge with M-16's to suppress the growing AIM movement in the early 1970s (that's the full-auto). But it is clear there is one incident that should be discussed and if I were at speech I would have been more than a little worried.

The number one incident that those that hate this country point to as proof we are a horrible people is the Massacre at Wounded Knee. I've read quite a bit on the event because of this and I wanted to know how it could happen.

There are somethings that need to be known about the lead up to the event. The Ghost Dance Religion was a threat to settlers because it called for the return of the Ancestors so the whites would be removed. It wouldn't have taken much for some warriors to become impatient and start raiding again.

The government's response was to send in the Seventh Calvary to disarm the populace. Now, I've read some historians that wrote about how wrong it was to have the Seventh ride in because of the Little Bighorn, very interesting but stupid. Gressy Grass took place 14 years earlier any of the command that would have survived would have been long gone. The country was divided into military districts so the Seventh was the detachment that should have responded.

Like I said, I've read several accounts of what occurred. The event that touched the event off was a trooper was trying to take a rifle from an Indian that was deaf. There are several liberal accounts that say he wouldn't give up the rifle because he didn't understand what was going on. It is more likely he 1. didn't see why he should give up his rifle 2. would have more likely said something like you can have my rifle when you pry it from my dead cold hands. I may be extrapolate a little but I know the culture. The one thing ALL accounts agree with is no one knows where the first shot came from. This tells me that no one really knows who shot first and it's likely that in the struggle to take the rifle there was a negligent discharge of the firearm.

I've heard from several cops when you're partner shoots you shoot. I know that this sounds bad, but gun battles happen you hesitate you die and there is a good chance of not knowing what the partner is seeing so this happens right or wrong.

Just a recap how this happened: Some politician was mad that there was religious people that were clinging to their guns and didn't want any support from Washington DC. It is a good thing we have evolved as a society and we do not have any politicians that think this way.

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