Saturday, May 03, 2008

A tax every American can get behind

I was talking to my beloved sister tonight and we came up with an exciting new tax plan that every American citizen can and should get behind. We decided that to raise revenue through taxes that we tax every political advertisement whether it is a yard sign, radio or TV ad.

It will be a progressive tax, those that have more will be taxed more. The base rate will be 20% per ad, but if calling for money for a failed government project the rate will be 40%. Telling the populace that they are racist for wanting the law enforced 60%, saying that we need another government program 70%, an ad that advocates personal responsibility .05%. Also, if a candidate is an incumbent the rate would be higher to make things fair for competitor to run an equal campaign.

If the tax on firearms and ammunition isn't unConstitutional this shouldn't either because it isn't an attempt to regulate free speech, but to help the populace.

This tax would also cover the 527 and could also affect groups I believe in, such as M.A.D.D or the NRA, but the objective is for politicians to understand what an over burdensome tax burden is and to provide tax relief for us taxpayers.


David Drury said...

Hey Craig.

Funny one.

On another point = I thought you were a "states rights" guy? WHy do you describe yourself (among many other things) as a "Federalist" in your bio? The Federalist papers of Hamiton, Madison & Jay were the opposite of states rights. YOu seem like the kind of guy who would have PARTICIPATED in the Whiskey Rebellion ... not a Federalist who struck them down "gun-totin" hicks. Hamilton & Washington, the first Federalists, were of course on the "opposite side" of the aisle on that one from you. So why the "federalist" tag?



I don't see states rights and Federalism as mutually exclusive. The Constitution talks about divided and diffused powers. I have no problem as long as the National government doesn't cross the line.

As far as the Whiskey Rebellion, that's a tough one to say because one of my heroines is Carry Nation (and being a lifetime member of MADD, the hardway). The one thing I don't choke down paying my taxes for is national defense against threats foreign and domestic. This includes essential infrastructure items. That been said I do have a problem with arbortray (really need to learn to spell) taxes and with whiskey being essentially currency in that part of the country at the time the tax may have been unfair.

To be honest I never thought of which side I would have been on.