Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can't really come up with a title for this post. After I heard Tim Russert died, my heart sank a little, maybe because he did remind me a bit of my Dad. With Mr. Russert's death it has sparked my thoughts of my Dad, which doesn't take to much because that night is always with me no matter what I do. I normally disappear on certain days of the year April 28th and Fathers Day are two of the most prevent because I miss Dad and I really don't want to deal with other people to bad.

Some of my greatest memories of my Dad are the times he would take his radio outside and we would play catch while listening to the Minnesota Twins. Dad never was to busy to talk to my Beloved Sister or me if we had a problem, or a question about the Sermon at the Sunday Dinner table after Church.

I really miss having the deep Theological, political, or life discussions that we had. I miss being able to stop into his Study and just talking or watching research the Sermon he was working on. To this day it amazes me to think that he would get up at 4 AM to pray for a church service that wouldn't start for another SEVEN hours. After we moved to North Dakota, Watford City had a retired Latin professor that was willing to give a refresher course for Pastors in the community. Dad eagerly took part because it was important to him to get to what God meant in the Bible so he could be the best Pastor he could be. Dad did a great job watching out for us when we had some busy body complain about what kind of music my Sister or I was listen to (granted 1950's music is the Devils music-forgive the sarcasm) or when my Sister bought a new jacket with her money after having to wear the same coat for three years (I only found out about the jacket complaint after Dad's death).

Dad taught us by living his life to the highest standard. He NEVER looked down on anyone and he never pushed his beliefs on anyone even though it was clear what he believed. I asked him once why he didn't preach about certain topics from the pulpit once. He said that he never wanted to be a stumbling block to others to come to Christ.

I hope some day I can live up to the example he put forth.

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