Thursday, June 19, 2008

Congress doesn't care about lower gas prices....

but for some reason care about horses more. I knew that they were full of fertilizer I just didn't realize they were admires of it.

I'm not really an animal lover beyond the steak I threw on the grill tonight, but I do love horses and I cannot imagine horse owner spending millions of dollars on a thoroughbred horse and really do something that would harm the animal. Horses in todays world are nothing more than a money pit and horse owners have to love them to own them.

Now congress is worried about the lack of oversight in horse racing. How is this a congressional issue? It is stretching the interstate commerce clause incredibly thin and again congress is doing their traditional smoke and mirrors act to show that they are actually 'doing something when they get nothing that matters accomplished.'

At most if there was something nefarious ahoof, it would be up to each states racing commission. The federal government can't even give decent housing or medical care to our troops, and they are wasting forcing their way into something that is beyond their constitutional bounds.

To quote Harry Morgan from M.A.S.H., This is nothing but "Horse Hockey!"

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Ron Simpson said...

Just like Sen. Arlen Specter wanting to investigate the NFL's handling of the Patriots taping of the other team's bench during games.
Plane and simple. None of their business.