Thursday, June 26, 2008

"I'd run in my own Grandma"

I have frequently said that the law is the law and when I was in college I told my friends if it came down to it I would run in my own Grandma if she did anything wrong. I've said it in reference to illegal immigration, those that harm children, and admitted I don't believe in grace the way the modern Christian church preaches.

Well, two nights ago I had an accident where I hit another vehicle. I thought I stopped and I didn't feel anything. I offered to call the police department, but the recipient of my poor driving said to hold off.

This morning I received a call from the gentleman and the damage was at the level that the police report was required by North Dakota law. I called him back about an hour later and we agreed to meet down at the PD.

The guy felt bad I was getting a ticket, but the thing is I was wrong and I deserve the ticket. While I'm not "happy" about the ticket, I'm not complaining because if I'm going to be consistent on what I believe I have to accept the consequences. I only mention this so those that may claim I'm racist for expecting the law be obeyed can see I can accept the consequences of my actions and there is NO REASON that a criminal should get out of theirs, but I guess I shouldn't expect city slickers to understand consistency.

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Ms.Green said...

You are so unusual. And that's a good thing.

I've left notes on vehicles where I accidentally bumped them opening my car door in a parking lot.

Most people just walk off or drive off and never look back.