Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, where do I sign up for my contempt of Congress

The house judicial committee has voted to hold Karl Rove in contempt of congress. My question is with an approval rating of 9%, how many Americans do not have contempt of congress.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Patriotic Day

Saturday is the National Day of the Cowboy. This holiday celebrates the heritage of the rugged individualist that kept this nation fed during the latter part of the 19th Century and celebrates those of us that keep to the old ways of who we are as a people.

A ranch back in the old days was a true melting pot since 1 in 3 were white, which means that there were Indians, Mexicans, and African-Americans that punched cattle. The old timers were tough where they had deal with all sorts of weather, stampedes, no sleep, and months in the saddle all for about $30 a month. They never stopped until the job was done.

The cowboy is a great symbol of who we are as a people, representing the best of who we are, looking out for our neighbor and doing the right thing.

People that honor our heritage:

SASS or Single Action Shooting Society. Member dress period and shoot tactical matches with period style firearms.

Rodeo cowboys of both the traditional and ranch variety.

And of course Ghost Towns.

So to celebrate this holiday, watch a western, go to a SASS match, or go to a rodeo and eat a steak.

That's the way a Commander and Chief, I mean Prospective Commander in Chief should act?

Der Spiegel reported:

++ Visit to US Military Bases Cancelled ++
1:42 p.m.: SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that Obama has cancelled a planned short visit to the Rammstein and Landstuhl US military bases in the southwest German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The visits were planned for Friday. "Barack Obama will not be coming to us," a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. "I don't know why." Shortly before the same spokeswoman had announced a planned visit by Obama.

But somehow had time to workout:

++ Obama Takes Time to Work Out ++
4:49 p.m.: Obama enters the luxury Ritz Carlton hotel wearing a T-shirt, black sweatpants and white trainers -- apparantly to work out in the hotel's gym. He kept up the campaigning on the way there, smiling and waving at tourists and other onlookers.

I realize that I'm just a hick, but if you want to be the Commander-in-Chief (even referring to yourself as the Commander-in-Chief) and you are near a military hospital outside the US why wouldn't you make sure you had time to visit?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Senator barry should say in Germany if he were honest....

Today Berlin, Tomorrow the World.
Forgive the sarcasm.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So, Senator barry has a less problem with a bitter religious person that would take ahold of his manhood, than religious hicks.

I realize being a hick there may be some cityslicker that claims I have no right to comment on jesse jackson's hypocricy. BUT there are four things that I pose as my bonefides:

  1. I was a Pastor's kid
  2. I went to college east
  3. I see race relations as more than a black and white thing, making me not as short sighted as an easterner.
  4. This is America and this is my blog I can write what I want.
While jesse wants to turn Senator barry into a steer, the bigger story is the use of the N-word as a pejorative. I hear pundants try to tell us that we must understand the oppression that took place and that African-Americans have taken back the word. I guess I can see how that could be, BUT watching from the peanut gallery it looks more like the word (along with all political correctness) has become a weapon just to make white liberals twist themselves into pretzels to make themselves look like good people.

There was one show where a discussion of whoppi goldberg defending jesse's use of the N-word and Elizabeth Hasslebacks response that it shouldn't have been used. Bob Beckel a democrat strategist said that he was sure that in spite of Elizabeth's impassioned plea that the word shouldn't be used that he was sure she locked the doors to her car when she enters a 'black area.' Massaad Ayoob states clearly when you get in a vehicle the windows should be up and the door locked as a matter of self-defense and we don't have this mythical 'black area' that Mr. Beckel speaks of, but I lock Elly May's door the second I get in just because if I'm going to strap on a .45 I'm going to do as much as I can to keep out of trouble.

Mr. Beckel also said that when they grew up that the trailer park that he grew up in that they would call each other 'poor white trash,' but Heaven help those that didn't live there. I guess I get this too, I was close to the same way growing up, but now that I'm adult if some Easterner would call me a redneck I can say:

  1. I'm not Scottish
  2. Look at them and say, "You're point is?"
  3. I can say, "Well, at least I know where milk comes from."

Here is the bottom line, if the word is wrong don't use it, the argument that only one group can use a word is, well silly. Granted, I'm not a cityslicker that has to worry about being labelled a racist, it's not like there are any politicians that hates me for looking to the Almighty or a .45 for my security rather than trust the government.

There is part of me that suspects that this is just a chance for Senator barry to gain distance between him and jackson, while I have no proof of this, jesse getting caught on a hot mic is a little much for me to swallow. It takes a willful suspension of disbelief if we take into account his history of racist comments. I really don't understand how the media listens to anything he says, but there again I'm just a hick.

I will be honest, as bad as the use of the N-word is I'm more disgusted if I hear a woman use ANY profanity than if I hear the N-word. It does concern me that Senator barry is less offended at what jesse said than if I strap on a .45, carry a Bible, and a copy of the Constitution.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A well-deserved vacation.

The last couple of months I have been incredibly laxed on posting due to an illness of one of my best friends. She is far from out of the woods and I almost lost her last month. Because of how intense the struggle was with her illness and having done about all I can do at this point I finally had a chance to catch my breath (for some reason I'm not high on her friend list right now, but at least she is alive.)

I was supposed to go to a family reunion last week, but fortunately I somehow talked my way out of going to it. It was not something I could have handled since my Aunts treat my mom like dirt I would have just hurt mom's feeling because I would have had to tell them what I think of how horrible of people they truly are...not a good thing.

So, last week I was away from a computer and was able to ignore Drudge, and other news sources and just relaxed. This weekend I was able to do something I always wanted to do I rented a Red Ford Mustang convertable. It was more thrilling than the first time I fired my Colt Gold Cup 1911 and the first time I kiss a girl combined. While I shouldn't admit I broke the law, one time coming down an on-ramp I was able to get her up to 110 mph. It was honestly the best $250 I have ever spent on a weekend.

The reason I decided to stay home is because no where was really appealing to go to since I would be on my own, and working the night shift I really amunable to see alot of my friends here in town. So, thinking ahead I called all my friends and we had a really windy picnic. My best friends' kids are absolutely too cute and too fun. Their oldest came running up (almost 4 yrs old) saying that his little brother (about 21/2) was throwing sand in his hair. As soon as John gave his son the dictum to tell his little brother that dad said stop, big brother ran back like he was on a mission from his fearless leader. About two minutes later, the little brother grabbed two hand fulls of sand and chucked the sand at his big brother. The whole table said, whoa because...well we all remember mistreating our sibling and John just sighed, shook his head and put the poor little guy in a time out. It was kinda funny watching the little guy do his best to sit still on the bench, but alas he just wasn't really able.

The oldest came up a little later and asked his mom if she wanted to do something better, like play with them...I can kinda remember thinking that when I was younger when we went calling on people with Dad...well I guess I'm just old and fat now and really enjoy just visiting with people now, so...

I was able to get Coleen to go driving in the Mustang. She really is one of the grooviest women I know. She has one of the most eleclectic tastes of anyone I have ever met. She would be a blast to go with down to Austin, Texas since it supposedly has one of the widest varieties of art and music in the Country (plus I can carry in TX, can't do that in Europe so I have no interest in going.)

It was a great vacation, even if there were a few things that I wanted to get accomplised that just didn't get done. Dang, I miss the Mustang.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Honoring those that make sure we have an Independence Day

Sean Hannity this week had a story about a woman who, as many great Americans do, saw a need and didn't wait for the government.

She has set up an organization:

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
in Washington DC is the first stop for many of America's returning
wounded service members from Iraq and Afghanistan. Known as "the amputee
ward", the orthopedic Ward 57 at WRAMC houses some of the most severely injured
patients for weeks or even months. The painful sacrifice of losing one or more
limbs is the new battle these service members and their families now
fight.Operation Ward 57 was started to have a direct way for individuals and
companies to show their support and raise funds for these courageous men and
women who have given so much.The program is run through pro-football player
Kerry Carter's
, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Tax ID: 20-196-2446, in
partnership with
Atmosphere Artist
Management LLC
. This is a grass-roots, volunteer effort. Each person
who buys a T-shirt, not only shows their support, but directly contributes to
items for the Ward, patients, family members and staff.

The Sky is falling-OR the economy is bad

There is no doubt that gas prices, food prices, and a few other things are slowing the economy down. Shoot, a good chunk of my meager paycheck goes to Sam's Clubs' gas station every month and I can't really afford to go to the range because of this and the cost of ammo, BUT the economy of this country has been much worse and we came through it.

I am getting really tired of the media crying like a bunch of little school girls that we are doomed, citing polls on consumer confidence where the general populace has been misled about being in a recession. I know that times are tight, but we are Americans, toughen up and quit whining. When us American decide to do something we have ALWAYS accomplished what we start, including talking ourselves in recessions and depressions.