Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Sky is falling-OR the economy is bad

There is no doubt that gas prices, food prices, and a few other things are slowing the economy down. Shoot, a good chunk of my meager paycheck goes to Sam's Clubs' gas station every month and I can't really afford to go to the range because of this and the cost of ammo, BUT the economy of this country has been much worse and we came through it.

I am getting really tired of the media crying like a bunch of little school girls that we are doomed, citing polls on consumer confidence where the general populace has been misled about being in a recession. I know that times are tight, but we are Americans, toughen up and quit whining. When us American decide to do something we have ALWAYS accomplished what we start, including talking ourselves in recessions and depressions.


Just John said...

Even if we are in a recession, we certainly are NOT doomed...much to the displeasure of those on the left (why do they seem to pray for doom and gloom?).

We made it through the Great Depression, and became a stronger nation as a result. We'll make it through this hiccup as well.

Besides, some of us know how to fish and hunt anyway.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

With turmoil comes opportunity....