Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Glad the Twins are on a West Coast road trip

I'm a news junkie, I have been a news junkie since I was about ten years old when I would watch with my dad and I'd have the chance to ask questions at the dinner table about current events and he would at times play 'devil's advocate' if he thought my beloved sister or I was just parroting what he believed, causing us to have to think through what we believed and why.

As I grew up, I became more interested in politics and I read that evil communist manifesto, 1984, Animal Farm, das kapital, and several other books on marxism and also Capitalism. There is nothing that I don't know about socialism that would surprise me and I can smell liberal point of view from a mile away...full blown socialism two miles. Because of this I have no need or desire to watch, listen or see any of the dnc convention. Well, strike that. There was one speaker I had tuned into the convention, the President of United Tribes Technical College was going to be speaking on the necessity of secondary education for the Nations. Since this is an issue that is important to Dakotans I dutifully tuned in at his appointed time to speak to C-Span...nothing. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because to easterners race relations are no greater than a black/white issue.

So this evening I tuned into the Sci-Fi channel to watch Eureka and to my horror keith obermann, who really dixie chicked himself by attaching to msnbc...I can't even watch him cover football any more because he's just vile towards those that have the audacity to disagree with him, almost have an accident at the thought of mrs. bill clinton speaking at the convention tonight...I even had to check to make sure it was the Sci Fi channel.

In an attempt to be bi-partisan I have no intention to watch the RNC either, well maybe I'm not being that bi-partisan because Senator McCain is no Conservative and I'm no party hack.

Even with the Minnesota Twins being in a four game loosing streak, I'm glad they are on a West Coast road trip because I have something to watch.

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