Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What scares me about Senator barry

Senator barry has said people are afraid because he doesn't look like the other Presidents on our currency. Well, that's not exactly accurate...he reminds me of another marxist..fdr. FDR would open his cabinet meetings with, "Good morning my fellow socialist." Senator barry's energy's plan is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth straight out of das kapital or fdr's graduated income tax. Senator barry's beliefs are closer to che guveria than Adam Smith's.

Senator barry's 'bitter comments' remind me of what happens when politicians don't like bitter religious people that want to have nothing to do with what Washington wants. I also know about his anti-self-defense bills he voted for in the IL Senate. We don't want to live like the British where law abiding citizens acting to protect a family member go to prison and a monster goes free.

Senator barry saying that we can't use his real name, can't put the squeeze on his wife that was making policy points, his racist religious leader is off limits. I worry when ANY politician wants to limit free speech whether it is a democrat, trent lott, or mccain-feigngold campaign finance reform.

More taxes. My life won't get any better if my buddy Jeff has to pay more taxes, well he does want socialized medicine...that might help change his mind...I may have to rethink that.

Socialized Medicine it may only work for cityslickers, but my people will end paying for it with no benefit.

Senator barry thinks we can get away from oil and head toward 'alternative fuels,' that don't exist

I don't believe Senator barry is a muslim, but I don't think he's a Christian either. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a Christian and a marxist (see the manifesto). I worry about ANY politician no matter what their political stripe that thinks that the government knows better, and I worry about people that think man is basically good, having to force a total lack of knowledge of human nature to believe this.

Lastly, I get that Senator barry wants to label those of us that oppose his beliefs as racist, but someone that hides who they truly are for part of their life, like calling themselves barry instead of barrak in college has no right to claim racism. I'm really tired of cityslickers trying this. I may be a sexist but I'm no racist.

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