Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What should be part of the discussion of the $700 Billion

While I'm not an economist, I do play one on the Internet. -Sorry This whole thing torques me off, and does worry me a little because government intervention in the markets is what brought on the Great Depression and joking about this is keeping me from talking like Senator biden acting like a redneck in Virginia.

The more the politicians have messed with the economy, the worse it has gotten. The bad housing loans can be traced back to janet reno telling lending institutions to end red lining. Now if red lining as defined as because of color of hide occurred that should have been forced to end, BUT if it took away wisdom of giving loans to people that had no means to repay the loan no matter on the color of hide...we get the mortgage meltdown.

I'll be honest I don't know if we really need to bail out these banks, but let's be honest the US doesn't have the money to actually cover ANY of the bailout. One of the many, many downsides to these bailouts is it just reinforces the idea that companies don't have any responsibility for their actions and the government will just continue to be irresponsible.

Ron at The Cluttered Eclectic Mind has listed those that received donations from the government organizations Fanny May and Freddie Mac. To which I have a question. if they receive money from the government then are giving money to political campaigns how this doesn't violate money laundering laws is beyond me.

Through the last couple of weeks it has become well-known that President Bush tried 12 times to fix the problem, but failed (see democrat stonewalling) as reported by Mrs. bill clinton.

Senator chris dodd and Congressman frank should be forced to resign, receive NONE of their pension. If the politicians say the failed CEO shouldn't receive their golden parachute, neither should the politicians. The bribe...I mean contribution that Senator dodd received should be more than enough to be removed. ALL the politicians that received money from companies that are going to be bailed out should return every last cent they have received from Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae along with the money received from the businesses that are being bailed out. If silver colored bracelets are required for 535 people in the Capitol Building so be it.

The companies that are going to be bailed out, the CEO's that received major bonuses should return them to the companies before ANY government money is doled out. I'm not really for limiting a CEO's income, BUT stockholders should have the right to demand the money back from incompetent company heads.

There should be fraud charges brought against the former Fannie Mae CEO that somehow walked out the door with Tens of millions of dollars.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You know you are a cityslicker if...

you need a teleprompter at the rodeo.

I get he may not be the best speaker without the teleprompter but you go to a rodeo do you really need it, I mean the only people that go to rodeos are 'dumb bitter hicks.' With as intelligent as Senator biden claims Senator obama is I just can't imagine ...oh duh what am I saying he need a dictionary to talk down to the proletariat.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering those that faced evil for the security of this Nation

I doubt there are many people that can't say what they were doing on that day seven years ago. But since this day has been named Patriot's Day the best thing I can think of doing is what I do for Veterans Day and Memorial Day:

THANK ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE PICKED UP A RIFLE, STRAPPED ON A PISTOL, HAVE GONE INTO A BURNING BUILDING, OR TREAT THOSE IN NEED. All those that serve there fellow American by rushing into danger deserve more honor than what we can honestly repay.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Senator barry's 'pig comment.'

I think the pig soundbite maybe a little overblown, BUT I believe he meant it. The lipstick on a pig sounds like a line a cityslicker would write for a sitcom set in either the South or out here. It isn't an idiom that a cityslicker that has NO connection with hicks would use, and with his history this campaign of showing his disdain for us hicks and his first attack against Sarah slamming the fact she was a mayor of a small town. I'm forced to come to the conclusion HE MEANT IT! even if he didn't think it through. Sort of the whole out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks that Apostle Paul wrote about.

My Dad's mom.

I received some news this morning that from Grandma's standpoint is a good news since her health had been failing for the last two years. God called her home Tuesday morning.

I guess it is only natural that when you loose someone to think about who they were and what they meant to you. We never were physically close to our Grandparent except for maybe two weeks out of the year because Grandma and Grandpa had settled in Indiana, but Dad was always faithful to call Grandma and Grandpa every week.

I remember Grandma was pretty good about writing letters. I remember as a kid Mom would cut our bacon in half, but when we were at Grandma's we got whole pieces. When I was in college Grandma and Grandpa would have me over for Sunday dinner and Grandma would let me come do laundry at her place and we could visit for a couple hours. A couple of years ago Grandpa asked why always seamed to call when I was doing laundry. It took me a couple of weeks to remember that I would visit with them while I did laundry at their Harmon Street home.

Grandma had a best friend by the name of Willowdeen. When those two got together they were like a pair of teenagers. When Grandma started giggling...she kept giggling.

I would call and try to conspire with Grandpa to get Grandma to fix Grandpa a pumpkin pie...didn't really work but Grandma always giggled at the thought. My Grandma would send me jokes and pass on family history.

But the greatest thing that Grandma and Grandpa ever gave were their prayers for me. I can't begin tell how much it scares me that I don't have Grandma praying for me anymore.

Grandma I love you.

A prayer request

My sister has a degenerative form of Rhumatoid arthitus in her feet. The doctor told her to comeback when it takes her an hour to get out of bed. If God decides not to intervene she is going to end up in a wheel chair...So any and all prayer would be greatly appriciated

Friday, September 05, 2008

The New Superwoman

As commandeered from a gun board:

Did you know that...
Sarah Palin does not have 5 kids, she actually has 7. Their names are Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig, Chuck Norris, and Jack Bauer.

The Northern Lights are really just the reflection from Sarah Palin's eyes.

The Russians sold Alaska to America because Sarah Palin would not submit to autocracy.

The Arctic Circle runs through Alaska so the Sun can have some relief from Sarah Palin's bright glare.

Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

Sarah Palin is so pro-life that she personally hog-tied two reps from Planned Parenthood who came knocking at her door.

It's not raining in DC. Those are God's tears of joy that McCain picked Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin's hotness is the largest single contributor to melting polar ice caps.

Sarah Palin is the "other" whom Yoda spoke about.

Sarah Palin's presence in the lower 48 means the Arctic ice cap can finally return.

Sarah Palin fired Jack Bauer because he was too soft in dealing with terrorists.

Sarah Palin's pageant career ended early so other women could have a chance.

Sarah Palin's son Track is going to Iraq after the Surge, because a Palin during the Surge would have been unfair.

Sarah Palin wears glasses lest her uncontrollable optic blasts slaughter everyone. (X-Men reference)

Sarah Palin actually has Big Foot in her freezer.

Sarah Palin gave a speech in Texas after her water broke before flying home to Alaska to give birth. (Actually true)

Sarah Palin doesn't need a gun to hunt. She has been known to throw a bullet through an adult bull elk.

Sarah Palin once spilled coffee on Joe Biden & one of his $400 ties from Pink.

Sarah Palin keeps her hair in a beehive to hide her ninja weaponry.

Sarah Palin will personally open a homemade can of whoopa** on Ahmadinejad, Putin, and Chavez as soon as she's done making mooseburgers for her kids.

A grizzly bear once tried to stare down Sarah Palin. Once.

Sarah Palin will send Joe Biden a pre-debate cheat sheet. The sheet will have tips on defending against Kung Fu Death Grip.

Sarah Palin became governor because five children left her with too much spare energy.

Sarah Palin will give birth to the man who will lead humanity's war against the machines. (Terminator reference)

Three of Sarah Palin's 5 kids came out sideways and she never flinched.

Global Warming doesn't kill polar bears. Sarah Palin does. Generally with her bare hands.

Sarah Palin was the original "Deadliest Catch."

Sarah Palin paid her way through school by hunting for Kodiak pelts with a slingshot.

Alaska is the 49th state solely because they knew even in 1959 that Sarah Palin never finishes last.

Chuck Norris wishes he was Sarah Palin trapped in a man's body.

Sarah Palin once won the Iditarod without any dogs. She simply willed the sled to victory.

Sarah Palin wears half the makeup that John Edwards wears and still looks like twice the woman he does.

Sarah Palin once guided Santa's sleigh through an Alaskan blizzard with the light from her smile.

Sarah Palin fishes salmon by convincing them it's in their interest to jump into the boat.

Sarah Palin can recharge a battery with her grip.

Sarah Palin can tighten a screw by turning it to the left.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Founder of Farm Rescue spoke at GOP Convention

Bismarck Tribune reports:

The president and founder of the nonprofit Farm Rescue organization spoke at the
Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.Bill Gross had been invited to
speak on Monday at the convention, but it was scaled back because of Hurricane
Gustav.Gross was then slated to speak Tuesday night.Farm Rescue, which is
supported by donations, corporate sponsors and volunteers, plants and harvests
crops for injured, ill or disaster-stricken farmers in the Upper Midwest.Gross,
a Cleveland, N.D., native and UPS pilot, said he wanted to use the appearance to
help more family farmers.- Associated Press

Farm Rescue is a great organization that has helped several farmers in the area, and it IS NOT a government program. To make a donation:

MSM: 'This isn't a serious VP Choice.'

This weekend I watched and listened to the coverage of Senator McCain's choice from the media. It is slightly amazing how easily the media has ignored Senator biden's racist statements and reminding us of his plagiarizing the American communist party head back in the 1980's, but the media's slander of Governor Palin makes the muckraking of 19th Century look like good journalism.

The problem that the main stream media fails to see with their coverage if they really wanted to sink the GOP ticket all they would have to do is treat Governor Palin like she is the best candidate that has ever been. The knee jerk reaction from conservatives would be so severe that she would be dumped faster than hariet myers was for the Supreme Court.