Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MSM: 'This isn't a serious VP Choice.'

This weekend I watched and listened to the coverage of Senator McCain's choice from the media. It is slightly amazing how easily the media has ignored Senator biden's racist statements and reminding us of his plagiarizing the American communist party head back in the 1980's, but the media's slander of Governor Palin makes the muckraking of 19th Century look like good journalism.

The problem that the main stream media fails to see with their coverage if they really wanted to sink the GOP ticket all they would have to do is treat Governor Palin like she is the best candidate that has ever been. The knee jerk reaction from conservatives would be so severe that she would be dumped faster than hariet myers was for the Supreme Court.

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Ron Simpson said...

She sure did cut off all the libs at the knees with her acceptance speech.
Hot Damn!