Thursday, October 09, 2008

"An American Carol"-a Dakotaranger movie review.

While I doubt anyone that isn't a conservative will actually go see An American Carol my take on the film is that it is worth every cent I spent to see it in the theater. There are so many movies out that I have gone to I regretted paying even matinee or rental fee to see, again this isn't one of them.

I was expecting the movie to be a little funnier, but the one major problem with that thought is some of the jokes were to close to reality for me to laugh at. It was great to laugh at those that are willing to get their virgins by strapping on a bomb, and it definitely was great to see a character that hates this Great Nation get slapped over and over again.

There of course was a message to this movie, which I'm sure those that are predisposed to believe the worst of us as a people will argue against, but that's their choice.

The movie did chronicle a little about how neville chamberline talked to the national socialist party without conditions...I wish the movie would have shown the consequence for that capitulation (or the Blitz).

There was quite a bit of cussing, but it is a Zucker film so it shouldn't have been a shock. I'll toss those that don't like us hicks to much a bone: there are some jokes about both kinds of music Country and Western, so even Senator barry would get a chuckle out of this film.

When it comes out on disc I plan to purchase. Something I don't do a lot because it cuts in to my 'bitter American budget.' So three .45 rounds out of five.

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