Wednesday, October 01, 2008

If it is an emergency then why does X occur

I realize I'm just a dumb hick, but when there is problem that was warned about four years ago it can't be a surprise. BUT for some reason those that treat us hicks like 'we don't know nothin' are telling us that we MUST do this thing or Chicken Little will run past us in a big hurry.

IF this is as big of an emergency that we are told it is and is the right thing to do, why didn't the majority party 'do the right thing?' Why should conservatives that reject to ANY version of socialism sacrifice their principles, giving government control of our economy? IF this is such a big emergency why take of Tuesday and Wednesday? IF this is as big of a deal why did the stock market rebound instead of tank farther?

As I listened off and on today to economists I'm convinced that the worst thing to do is to throw $700 Billion at this problem.

If it were up to me the bill would look something like this:

1. If a company fails, the company is obliged (or make it easier for the companies to retrieve) to go after any board members, CEO, CFO and various VP's bonuses. I don't like the idea of government telling companies what they can pay or what bonuses, BUT if a company goes into Chapter 11 the bonuses aren't warranted.

2. ALL political contributions MUST be returned.

3. Companies are forbidden from contributing to politicians that have committee oversight of their industry.

4. Eliminate the capital gains tax. It is an immoral tax that does nothing than punish success, people that sell property and move into a rental property due to health issues, and does nothing to make the great down troddens' lives better. It just gives more money to an irresponsible body of people that couldn't find their way out of a paper sack.

5. Senator dodd must leave in handcuffs. Senator conrad would just be a bonus.

Knowing we have had five or six economic depressions and the last one occurred because we made businesses the enemy and let government intervene in the market making the depression last twice as long as it should have maybe the best thing we could do is get out of the way of capitalism. Remove some of the stupid regulation that the clinton Administration implemented and cut taxes would do more to keep people honest, rather than create strange loopholes, and force businesses to violate any wise business choices.

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fetzer said...

Good ideas. I hope Congress listens.