Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Shack- A Dakotaranger book review

About a week ago my pastor "loaned" me a book called The Shack. Evidently, the ministerial society in town has been in a little bit of an uproar about the book because the Theology of the book 'isn't completely right.' Truth be told I saw some Theological issues with the book, BUT this book may be the one time that the Theology should take a backseat to the message of the book.

The Shack is an allegory in the characteristic of who God really is and deals with a man's grief at the brutal loss of his daughter.

The author did an amazing job of tapping into the emotions of someone that has lost someone in a brutal way. And really challenged the protagonist's perception of who God was. The book showed a logical step-by-step process on how God works on someone to bring them to the point where they can forgive their worst enemy and heals past hurts.

There were a few minor issues I've had with the book, but there are times where the minor issues need to be ignored and God needs to be allowed to work. There are few scars I have yet to work out, and it still will be a while before I could enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with les, but I think it did a change in my heart.

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