Thursday, October 09, 2008

So connecting a white terrorist to a politician is racist, who knew

Since the daily kos guys say alot of strange things I wonder would would happen if some would say, "If you hear bill ayers think ayrian nation." It would be a fun experiment to see what would happen, I just don't care enough to try it.

I guess I don't get how it is racist to draw a direct line from a white domestic terrorist to Senator barry. I don't get how it is racist to draw a direct line to jerimah wright to Senator barry. I hear it's racist to draw a connection between franklin rains, former Fanny Mae CEO that obsconded with TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, who is advising Senator barry. Then Congressman barney 'madame' frank says it's racist to blame the fair housing act that forced banks to loan to people that couldn't afford it (there's alot of blame to go around, but Congressman frank and Senator dodd should explain what in world they were doing).

Why is it every time a liberal is busted doing something wrong they claim racism? Where were the cries of racism when Senator biden called Senator barry 'a clean articulate black guy?' Why isn't the left upset about james carville threatening riots if Senator barry doesn't win? Seams to me like he is saying that African-Americans don't have any self control, but what do I know I'm just a hick and he's a high priced political advisor...I guess that must mean he knows more than me. Shoot, Todd Palin could have called nbc's Saturday night live racist with their incest jokes by this standard.

If these guys are really as intelligent why can't they either provide an honest argument why they did what they did wasn't wrong or at the very least admit they were wrong (I know the latter is a little pollyanish of me...that White Republican from Minnesota still has never apologized for trying to pass blame to my sister for him killing our Dad, but that's another story all it's own, I'll forego mentioning ted stevens from Alaska for right now.)

SO, AGAIN how is it racist to tie a white terrorist to Senator obama? I guess I need a fancy Eastern education because even the daily kos couldn't explain that very well

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Just John said...

It's racist because the daily kos says so...Here; drink this...