Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Primer for 2nd Amendment rights for those that don't care.

After three years of writing this blog, several posts dealing with firearms, dealing with most of the factors the left is going to use to suppress law abiding citizen's civil rights when it comes to the Second Amendment I would think I wouldn't have to do this, but hearing the misinformation one of my best friends has about semi-auto rifles I guess I have to do this again.

First off there is a huge difference between full automatic and semi-automatic. This video explains the difference. I hear you don't hunt with automatic weapons, well not full-auto. I have yet to meet a person that would take $12,000 rifle into the field, but I know guys that use the semi-auto version for coyotes, prairie dogs, and other varmints. The .223/5.56 round is a good varmint round. When we talk about full-auto weapons we are talking about a 113 year old technology. With Semi-auto we are talking the 1920's with a popular Browning rifle that was used for deer hunting with a 25 round magazine. The real shame is WWII the venerable Garand rifle our troops used in WWII had a 8 round clip that couldn't be topped off. History doesn't match the concept that the founders would have never conceived of such weaponry

Frequently, our military arms have lagged behind the civilian market there were repeating arms that were used, but the government was afraid troopers would waste Ammo so they stuck with the antiquated musket and after the war developed a single shot rifle referred to as the Springfield Armory trapdoor. One of the factors that caused Custer's defeat.

Now, I do believe in gun control, but the government has no place in the process because the FBI has to great of an ability to loose firearms and computers yearly. We all have seen the video of the batf agent that doesn't pay any attention to the four rules for gun safety. I'll admit I don't want felons or crazy people to have firearms. There should have been a connection between the hospital and the NCIC with the Virgina Tech shooter, I don't have an answer how it slipped through the cracks. The thing is with 28,000 gun laws on the books how is one more going to make criminals all the sudden decide that 28,001 the are going to be good guys.

Gun control only affects the law abiding citizens. Trans world news had an article from 2007 about the positive aspects of gun ownership on the non-gun owner.


Ron Simpson said...

Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws.
My idea is to EXECUTE criminals who commit violent crimes.
Problem solved.

Ms.Green said...

As an armed citizen myself, I'm with you, Brother.

Not givin' up my guns.

Ron Simpson said...

I did a good post on the 2nd amendment on my blog a while back.