Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So, what now?

I know I shouldn't have been surprised that Senator barry won, but I had a hard time imagining the American people voting for someone that HATES this country. I have yet to hear ANYTHING Senator barry does appreciates about this country. (Being elected doesn't count)

To be real honest, I am terrified what will become of the 1st Amendment since Senator barry attacked 3 of the 5 clauses of the Amendment, including silencing media outlets and seeing a private citizen's life being dug through just because he dared ask a simple question.

I am worried about what happens if there is a religious group that decides to close itself off. The clinton Administration had no problem killing two hundred Americans, what happens with a President that has more problems with Americans than he does with a terrorist state of Iran?
I already told my pastor that if my place gets raided he has to quote Charlton Heston at my funeral...I don't know if he thinks I'm joking or not. (Even though, we all hope there isn't a confiscation bill, that really doesn't match Senator barry's history with the joyce foundation).

I have a buddy that thinks the election is a sign that the Republican party has to go more liberal, maybe it's a sign that the Republicans should stand on principle more instead of being a bunch of pansies trying to buy votes like they did when they voted for the $850 billion socialism bill. The thing is no matter how much honor Senator McCain has he-has a history of subverting the 1st Amendment, he was no where near a real conservative and I realize he was pandering to the conservative base with Sarah, but it did make it enough for me to vote for him. The truth be told, the GOP this year had the weakest candidates ever. The fear of being called a racist kept Senator McCain from going after some of the strongest drawbacks of Senator barry...never mind he was going to be called a racist no matter what.

So, what now? I guess I'm just going to have to write even more letters and make more phone calls than what I was planning with what some of Senator McCain's stupid ideas. I'm sure I'll get an FeeBee file, but I'm not willing to concede my country to a marxist without standing my ground...even if it won't make a bit of difference.

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