Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My new policy when talking to Pro-choice women about gun control

I was channel surfing during a commerical break for Shooting USA. I happened on an ABC show with what was a bunch of doctors where it was discovered one of the partners was performing abortions. The head doctor, which was apparently a liberal woman told those that don't have overies to get out of the room.
I realize being a man I will never have an abortion, but if I were stupid enough to get a women pregnant I have the right to say whether or not I want the responsibility due to the 14th Amendments guarentees equal protection under the law, thus I have a right to my opinion and if it does come up in conversation I'm not going to hold back on my opinion, but if the anti-free speech tactic used by liberal women that I have no right to speak about it this is my new policy:
Since you don't own, want to own,
or want to shoot...You don't have a
right to your opinion and who let
you out of the kitchen anyway.

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