Saturday, January 31, 2009

If you make public policy you should know what you are talking about

If I don't know something I'll talk to people who know what they are talking about, open a book, and I have nothing to do with public policy. I just can't believe people that are involved with public policy, who can take away civil rights, make no effort to do this, or at very least have reasonable reasons for their positions.

The NRA has an article that tells about total misstatement about semi-auto rifles firing 700 rounds a minute. A full-auto is capable, presuming that it is belt-fed. A collapsible stock doesn't make something more concealable, and just because a rifle has a pistol grip doesn't mean it is hip fired.

The boom in AR platform (the AR stands for Armalite, not assault rifle) has led to development into hunting calibers from .243 (deer) to .50 Beowolf (Wildboar). Semi-auto rifles and shotguns have been used in hunting since the begin of the 20th Century. Again we are dealing with over a 100 year old Technology.

There is nothing more disgusting than a politician that is willingly being dishonest and willingly being ignorant.


Just John said...

There's no reason for a politician to use facts when liberal followers are easily frightened by emotion-based statements. Why do you think the media always highlights the use of a semi-auto in a crime? Gotta get as much of the public frightened of guns as possible!

Pretty sad, really.


I know, it doesn't mean I can't be ticked off about the arrogance though.