Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President obama

The liberals said after President Bush was elected that he wasn't their President. I won't take that position. President obama is my President, even though I am diametrically opposed to 99% of what he espouses. I am an anti-socialist of every variation from the national socialist to communists. I DO NOT believe more government is better. The more taxes there are only doesn't free citizens. In spite of liking President Bush and supporting him in spite of some issues I opposed him on, the greatest disappointment I had in him was the last year where government nationalized businesses...leaving this country open to become a socialist country.

The benefit of doubt I gave President obama died the day he made it clear he loathes the constitution with his bitter comments about those of us that look to the Almighty and take our own safety in our own hands. If you go back into the blog you can see a clear shift.

The only support I can give President obama is prayer for him to have wisdom.

I can name six things off the top of my head I hope he fails in attaining:

  1. Socialized medicine.
  2. The Fairness Doctrine-nothing but silencing dissent. When the left opposed the Iraq War we heard dissent was the greatest form of Patriotism, but now the left wants to silence the right.
  3. Gun control/and or ammunition control.
  4. Talking to hamas, iran, and those that would strap on bombs to kill women and children.
  5. Destroying the coal industry. Electricity has to be produced somehow if not coal then we need more hydro-electric plants.
  6. Anything to fight global warming. The last two years point to global cooling.

I hope I'm wrong about the President, but with the choice of eric holder as his Attorney General it only underscores his bitter comments even more...and scares the living daylights out of me.

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