Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So why can't we critizise again?

I have a buddy that doesn't like conservatives because 'we don't have any new ideas.' I guess I can understand that if conservatives trusted government to efficiently wipe everyone's noses, but we don't. Truth be told I don't trust The Almighty for my safety totally, so being intellectually honest there is no way I can conceivably trust some close-to-the-fort-politician with my freedoms, security, or money.

So, when I see the charlie rangle democrat New York hadn't paid taxes on property he has had for years, all the while sitting on the committee that is responsible to confiscate my hard earned money...anger is an understatement.

And now Senator barry has nominated a guy that is supposed to be a financial genius who somehow forgot to pay taxes FOR YEARS. I get that he has made amends, but us normal people would be in prison for tax evasion. I just have to ask: Do democrats really have a hard time paying taxes? They expect everyone else to do it, but it is the height of arrogance to NOT pay taxes and demand others pay more.

This guys nomination should be yanked. Screw change...arrest the criminals.


Ron Simpson said...

I agree completely

Ange (de Montmartre) said...

Hey Ranger! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is terrrrribly interesting. ;)


The older stuff I wrote is much better.

The Gunslinger said...

I love it, we don't have any "new" ideas. I guess the ideas that Founded America are just so passé.

As opposed to the ideas of Karl Marx, that "hawt dude" of the 21st Century.

Tell your buddy that just because he doesn't read enough history to be familiar with old ideas, doesn't mean that when he hears them for the first time, they're actually "NEW".

Kaos said...

@The Gunslinger: I love it how conservatives always think that anything that differs from their views is communism^^