Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I've been convinced I'm wrong...I'm going to become a Democrat

There are some Democrats that have done somethings that convince even the most ardent conservative to start to vote for them There leadership has shaken my very base of belief and after much soulsearching I have decided I have no choice but become a Democrat.

First Charlie Rangle didn't report $75,000, then Secutary Gutnier forgot to pay taxes for several years, and now Tom Dashel $120,000 including fail to report a borrowed chauffer. The most surprising thing is after Vice President Biden saying that it is patriotic to pay taxes doesn't seam fazed by their financial treason.

So, since I don't like all the social spending and it seams if you are a Democrat you don't have to pay taxes, I am here now declaring I AM A DEMOCRAT.


The Gunslinger said...

Did you see Tim Geitner on television actually castigating people who don't pay their taxes?

It was, excuse the over-used word, surreal.

The lack of shame among Democrats is stupefying.


Yeah,I did. My mom's European socialist son-in-law twittered about it as a good thing. I responded that the populace should just laugh at him and not pay their taxes. He didn't respond.