Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's new about that?

As I was waiting in the doctor's office to find out I lost 90 lbs, (sorry I'm just thrilled) the Today show had a story about how people are foregoing day care and having the grandparents watch their kids....While the Today Show isn't a true news show, not that the New York Times is really a newspaper either, it is nothing new. Grandparents have watched the Grand kids since Seth had Adam and Eve watch them when he went out hunting.

The story was geared to see how bad the economy is, Grandma and Grandpa have to watch the rug rats. Look, I grew up with kids that even during good economic times Grandma watched the kids.

I realize the economy is bad, but I'm sick of stupid stories that really aren't news that point to the only conclusion: the tax payer has to pick up the bill for someone else's brat.

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