Monday, April 27, 2009

April 28,1996

Thirteen years ago tonight LESS LEMM of Baudette, Minnesota decided to sleep off his drunkenness, but got bored with that and decided he could get to his grandma's. Unfortunately he succeeded in only murdering my dad.

I hope he wakes up at 3 this morning screaming and remembers he merciouslessly killed an innocent man and try to kill the rest of us.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Redneck word of the year: Obama

I bought a case of Mountain Dew and drank it OBAMA self

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of the best Birthday Presents

About five years ago my Grandpa received a Flag to honor his service as an Army Medic in WWII. He was mainly on Okinawa and I only got him to talk about his experience a couple of times, (I still have to talk to my Uncle to get some more details on the Flag). And my Grandpa passed on to my Uncle and my Uncle sent it and one of Grandpa's ribbons and medals to me for my birthday.

Needless to say I was greatly honored more than words could conceivable express, but at the same time it hit me that Grandpa is going down hill fast...I realized that he might not be with us for very much longer.

There are very few things I would call a treasure, but this Flag is one of them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The government is acting like every cent every American makes belongs to the government...never mind the government doesn't produce anything. The Supreme Court has decreed that police don't have to respond (Warren v. District of Columbia) so what are we paying for, why does the government DEMAND we pay for those that aren't producing anything?

I blogged last week about a proposed tax on pop because "it's to unhealthy." It's nothing but a money grab, the same way the exorbitant taxes on cigarettes are, Comrade President has floated the idea of a 500% raise on the tax on ammo (granted this is for his religion of gun control).

We are repeatedly told that the rich MUST pay their fair share, but at what point does the rich begin? And since they are paying the majority of taxes at what point is it their fair share. Granted, there are rich people that aren't paying their taxes and there is a specific label I can assign these people: liberal politicians. The very people that are demanding we pay more conveniently forget to pay their taxes. Not only is this hypocritical, it is the height of arrogance.

Every session we see fees (see taxes: a way of raising taxes without using the word taxes) go up.

While the government 'saved' the private sector (see nationalized, government control). Banks wanting to repay the tarp money is told they are going to have to give some shady loans that if a private citizen would do would fall Federal Money Laundering and RICO statues before the government will allow repayment of the 'loans.' John Gotti would be so proud of this operation.

The bailout, the stimulus packages, public education, and every other government program isn't working. The only real cuts that Comrade President wants to do is the same thing that all left-wing extremist want to gut: the military, which just so happens to be the only real thing that the government is SUPPOSED to do. The government is just going to throw more money at education, while cutting a voucher program that helps poor kids in Washington get a better education for less money because the teachers' union doesn't like much for anti-trust laws. What programs are going to get cuts...none. And because of this we are becoming more and more subservient to those criminals that work in a swamp on the Potomac River.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Gun link

In effort to continue to protect the freedom this nation was founded with I'm adding a new link to the gun links: Gun laws Don't work I realize it will drive crazy diane sawyers and Sec nepolitano will sic AG holder on me, but Molon Labe!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

TEA Time

I've never been to a political demonstration, not even a pro-life rally, before today. If it wasn't clear before the election that Comrade President HATES Americans he sure made it more clear with the release of the DHS report on right-wing extremists. I decided I needed to make my voice heard if my government is afraid of me, someone who has NO INTENTION OF BLOWING ANYTHING UP. How sick is it that Comrade President's political career started in a terrorist's living room and he's scared of people that LOVE this country, rather than HATE the U.S., but I guess that's what we get with a commie as a President. We all teased each other about the report at the Tea party, but something is wrong when the government aims to target it's citizens when we want a stronger country, less governmental control, and not to gamble this nation's future away on a system that HAS NEVER worked ANYWHERE in the world.

There was an obama supporter that circled a few times, and some hippie saying we need to not to pay for war funding...I guess he didn't see the DHS report about how dangerous us right-wingers are. With everyone that was there no one threw anything, no cussing, no arrests. It was good to be among other Americans that are worried about the direction of this great nation.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Read my lips...keep government out of my refridgerator has a video of some close-to-the-fort-politician that thinks they know better than an individual on how to live saying that if we would raise taxes on pop, it could curb the 'obesity crisis.'

First off, we are told that homosexuality is a legitimate lifestyle choice, why is being fat not a legitimate choice then? Abortion advocates say keep the government out of their wombs, so shouldn't we have the right to keep government out of our refrigerators?
Why is it that liberal solution to EVERYTHING including things that aren't real problems include taking freedom, confiscating funds, and telling you that you don't know what your talking about? THERE IS NO REAL REASON why the government deserves more of my money if I decide to purchase a Mountain Dew before I go out to the range, where I already pay more than just taxes for ammunition.
Here's the thing if the government is really desperate for money QUIT SPENDING. I know that Comrade President's only real cuts are aimed at the only true function that constitution requires the government to do. If we are going to cut the military, heck we might as we cut education because we sure as John Browning designed the best firearms not getting our money's worth if Congress is full of the best and brightest. We have foreigners telling to stay away from socialized medicine, but Comrade President wants it more than anything...which is amazing considering he fought twice to make sure doctors could kill already born children.
The breaking point for people should be when Congressmen "fanny mae" frank says that he has the right to determine what we make. The 90% tax that Congress passed on AIG should terrify ALL AMERICANS. Thomas Paine would be rolling over in his grave if he knew we had elected a Congress that would do it. IF Congress could do it once, they sure as Ann Coulter is hot could do it again.
ENOUGH!! If someone doesn't like what I'm doing well, stay out of the Dakota's just LEAVE ME ALONE.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Midcontenet Cable-The US Congress of home entertainment

Midcontinent Cable's agreement and the local Fox channel end and I'm ticked. The Fox channel is asking for a little more money from Midcontinet for the use of their network. I can understand that, I can understand Midcontinent not wanting to pay more money.

My problem is this, Midcontinent says if they agree to what the local Fox channel is asking that means consumers will have to pay more. Nothing new about passing on business costs, BUT the cable company has raised what they charge EVER YEAR I have had a subscription, and in the last couple years have taken channels from the lower tiers, "necessarily" digitized several channels so you have to rent a box to get those channels in spite of other cable systems in other towns in this state don't have the same "necessity." When I found this out Midcontinent was unresponsive to my complaints...just like the North Dakota delegation to congress.

I called Midcontinent today to enquire how much it would impact me as their customer, the customer service rep couldn't answer my question, in fact NO ONE had the answer. I get that if Midcontinent starts paying more for what we could get with an ariel for one channel they could be enslaved to the other local networks, BUT like Fox's argument they pay ESPN and others what they ask and it cost money to produce and pay the parent company for the shows that they carry.

So, Midcontinent in response to Fox being "unreasonable" purchased a few thousand TV top antenna to give to their customers....probably for more than to actually paying more than if they would just pay Fox what they are demanding.

Midcontinent has run TV comercials with their CEO asking us consumers to call Fox to be 'reasonable.' Something that is disgusting to me, because Midcontinent has been ANYTHING but reasonable with how customers are treated. I would have an easier time buying Midcontinet's contention IF they didn't raise their prices EVERY YEAR and didn't take channels away and could answer how this would impact me as a customer...just like Congressmen frank and Senator dodd.