Sunday, April 19, 2009


The government is acting like every cent every American makes belongs to the government...never mind the government doesn't produce anything. The Supreme Court has decreed that police don't have to respond (Warren v. District of Columbia) so what are we paying for, why does the government DEMAND we pay for those that aren't producing anything?

I blogged last week about a proposed tax on pop because "it's to unhealthy." It's nothing but a money grab, the same way the exorbitant taxes on cigarettes are, Comrade President has floated the idea of a 500% raise on the tax on ammo (granted this is for his religion of gun control).

We are repeatedly told that the rich MUST pay their fair share, but at what point does the rich begin? And since they are paying the majority of taxes at what point is it their fair share. Granted, there are rich people that aren't paying their taxes and there is a specific label I can assign these people: liberal politicians. The very people that are demanding we pay more conveniently forget to pay their taxes. Not only is this hypocritical, it is the height of arrogance.

Every session we see fees (see taxes: a way of raising taxes without using the word taxes) go up.

While the government 'saved' the private sector (see nationalized, government control). Banks wanting to repay the tarp money is told they are going to have to give some shady loans that if a private citizen would do would fall Federal Money Laundering and RICO statues before the government will allow repayment of the 'loans.' John Gotti would be so proud of this operation.

The bailout, the stimulus packages, public education, and every other government program isn't working. The only real cuts that Comrade President wants to do is the same thing that all left-wing extremist want to gut: the military, which just so happens to be the only real thing that the government is SUPPOSED to do. The government is just going to throw more money at education, while cutting a voucher program that helps poor kids in Washington get a better education for less money because the teachers' union doesn't like much for anti-trust laws. What programs are going to get cuts...none. And because of this we are becoming more and more subservient to those criminals that work in a swamp on the Potomac River.

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