Thursday, April 16, 2009

TEA Time

I've never been to a political demonstration, not even a pro-life rally, before today. If it wasn't clear before the election that Comrade President HATES Americans he sure made it more clear with the release of the DHS report on right-wing extremists. I decided I needed to make my voice heard if my government is afraid of me, someone who has NO INTENTION OF BLOWING ANYTHING UP. How sick is it that Comrade President's political career started in a terrorist's living room and he's scared of people that LOVE this country, rather than HATE the U.S., but I guess that's what we get with a commie as a President. We all teased each other about the report at the Tea party, but something is wrong when the government aims to target it's citizens when we want a stronger country, less governmental control, and not to gamble this nation's future away on a system that HAS NEVER worked ANYWHERE in the world.

There was an obama supporter that circled a few times, and some hippie saying we need to not to pay for war funding...I guess he didn't see the DHS report about how dangerous us right-wingers are. With everyone that was there no one threw anything, no cussing, no arrests. It was good to be among other Americans that are worried about the direction of this great nation.


Cathy said...

Congratulations on attending your first political demonstration. However, it should be duly noted that we crazy right wing extremists are a little different from those on the left... Most of us in attendance had to take a vacation day from our jobs and guaranteed... not one soul in the crowd was paid to be there. I know... call us wacky.

Ms.Green said...

Cathy's right. I took a vacation day to go Wednesday (with my employer's blessing) and my husband, who is self-employed, put his customers on hold for a day to attend. And, as I wrote about at my place, the thousands of radical right-wing extremists I bumped elbows with were some of the nicest, most polite, and sober individuals I've had the pleasure to socialize with in a long time.