Thursday, April 02, 2009

Midcontenet Cable-The US Congress of home entertainment

Midcontinent Cable's agreement and the local Fox channel end and I'm ticked. The Fox channel is asking for a little more money from Midcontinet for the use of their network. I can understand that, I can understand Midcontinent not wanting to pay more money.

My problem is this, Midcontinent says if they agree to what the local Fox channel is asking that means consumers will have to pay more. Nothing new about passing on business costs, BUT the cable company has raised what they charge EVER YEAR I have had a subscription, and in the last couple years have taken channels from the lower tiers, "necessarily" digitized several channels so you have to rent a box to get those channels in spite of other cable systems in other towns in this state don't have the same "necessity." When I found this out Midcontinent was unresponsive to my complaints...just like the North Dakota delegation to congress.

I called Midcontinent today to enquire how much it would impact me as their customer, the customer service rep couldn't answer my question, in fact NO ONE had the answer. I get that if Midcontinent starts paying more for what we could get with an ariel for one channel they could be enslaved to the other local networks, BUT like Fox's argument they pay ESPN and others what they ask and it cost money to produce and pay the parent company for the shows that they carry.

So, Midcontinent in response to Fox being "unreasonable" purchased a few thousand TV top antenna to give to their customers....probably for more than to actually paying more than if they would just pay Fox what they are demanding.

Midcontinent has run TV comercials with their CEO asking us consumers to call Fox to be 'reasonable.' Something that is disgusting to me, because Midcontinent has been ANYTHING but reasonable with how customers are treated. I would have an easier time buying Midcontinet's contention IF they didn't raise their prices EVERY YEAR and didn't take channels away and could answer how this would impact me as a customer...just like Congressmen frank and Senator dodd.

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