Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of the best Birthday Presents

About five years ago my Grandpa received a Flag to honor his service as an Army Medic in WWII. He was mainly on Okinawa and I only got him to talk about his experience a couple of times, (I still have to talk to my Uncle to get some more details on the Flag). And my Grandpa passed on to my Uncle and my Uncle sent it and one of Grandpa's ribbons and medals to me for my birthday.

Needless to say I was greatly honored more than words could conceivable express, but at the same time it hit me that Grandpa is going down hill fast...I realized that he might not be with us for very much longer.

There are very few things I would call a treasure, but this Flag is one of them.


Cathy said...

Thank your grandfather for his service. I'm sure you know the battle that took place on that very tiny island was by far the most brutal and violent of all that took place in the Pacific.

I would imagine that when the battle was over and the Marines liberated the island for the Okinawans, he gave my mother and aunts and uncles and all the other children chocolate from their mess kits to help encourage them to trust the Americans and to come out of hiding from the caves.


I have thanked on a few occasions. When Grandma and Grandpa were going to move, knowing my Grandpa, I was worried he would toss his unit picture.

So, he gave that to me a few years ago.

Ron Simpson said...

I just lost my grandma. It was tough. I got to go visit her a lot before she died. She had no regrets. Neither do I. I am just glad I got to see her 2 days before she died. Take the time to go visit him, my friend. It is time you cannot get back once they are gone.