Thursday, April 09, 2009

Read my lips...keep government out of my refridgerator has a video of some close-to-the-fort-politician that thinks they know better than an individual on how to live saying that if we would raise taxes on pop, it could curb the 'obesity crisis.'

First off, we are told that homosexuality is a legitimate lifestyle choice, why is being fat not a legitimate choice then? Abortion advocates say keep the government out of their wombs, so shouldn't we have the right to keep government out of our refrigerators?
Why is it that liberal solution to EVERYTHING including things that aren't real problems include taking freedom, confiscating funds, and telling you that you don't know what your talking about? THERE IS NO REAL REASON why the government deserves more of my money if I decide to purchase a Mountain Dew before I go out to the range, where I already pay more than just taxes for ammunition.
Here's the thing if the government is really desperate for money QUIT SPENDING. I know that Comrade President's only real cuts are aimed at the only true function that constitution requires the government to do. If we are going to cut the military, heck we might as we cut education because we sure as John Browning designed the best firearms not getting our money's worth if Congress is full of the best and brightest. We have foreigners telling to stay away from socialized medicine, but Comrade President wants it more than anything...which is amazing considering he fought twice to make sure doctors could kill already born children.
The breaking point for people should be when Congressmen "fanny mae" frank says that he has the right to determine what we make. The 90% tax that Congress passed on AIG should terrify ALL AMERICANS. Thomas Paine would be rolling over in his grave if he knew we had elected a Congress that would do it. IF Congress could do it once, they sure as Ann Coulter is hot could do it again.
ENOUGH!! If someone doesn't like what I'm doing well, stay out of the Dakota's just LEAVE ME ALONE.

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Huck said...

Keep on blogging brother, you're not alone.

--Good ol' South Dakota turned military boy.