Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Shooters feeding the the treasury. Excise Tax up 31% in the Fourth Quarter

National Shooting Sports Foundation has released a press release referring to the Department of the Treasury report released on May fifth stating that ammunition and firearms makers have paid $98.1 MILLION in the fourth quarter of 2008, that is increase of 31% from the same time last year.

The excise tax on firearms and ammunition is rather ridiculous because it's intent is to "provide" for wildlife habitat. I still am trying to figure out what I can hunt with a 9 mm. If we were honest, the excise tax is little more than a money grab that taxes poor people because it is something the liberals despise, but I digress.

The NSSF Senior Vice-President and General Council says, "These numbers speak to a greater story, American gun owners have serious concerns about the current political make up. Law makers should recognize that they are not merely consumers buying a product, but reacting to a very real threat." Every time Attorney General eric holder opens his mouth about limiting the 2nd Amendment, when the DOD issued a policy of destroying used brass, and Comrade President trying to claim that 90% (it's really 17%, if that) of the weaponry the Mexican druglords are using did nothing but cause people to buy firearms and ammo. For those of you that do not practice your 2nd Amendment right, it is almost impossible to find hand gun ammo. This gave rise to the NSSF naming Comrade President firearms salesmen of the year...I guess Comrade President has stimulated at least one portion of the economy and since THE only real production left in this country is the firearms industry I have to give him credit too. But I do have a question: IF us gunowners are contributing that much tax money to the federal coffers, why does he despise us so?

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