Thursday, May 28, 2009

Since Comrade President has proven once again to hate the Constitution

This judge being reverse 60% of the time her cases has made the Supreme Court, and having the racist position that race has a place in deciding a case, and is notoriously anti-2nd Amendment. I really never thought I would see an nominee worse than Hariet Myers. And since I just changed the furniture on coyote rifle.So, "Molon Labe."


Just John said...

Good lookin' piece. I really like that forward grip.


The pistol grip is a Mag-pul MIAD grip, the forend grip is a Tapco, The forend is a MAG-PUL MOE, Tru-Glo red dot, Hellfighter's Underboss light/laser combo, and a 3 point Blackhawk sling. Thought about changing the buttstock, but it works great and wasn't worth the $60+ to me