Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

I started celebrating Independence Day early this year by going to the TEA Party at the Capitol because I'm worried about the freedoms we are loosing due to what Comrade President is pushing. It was great to be around a couple 1000 Americans that love this country.

Friday, my Assistant Pastor, his wife and myself took in "Transformers 2" movie. Every single piece of American Military hardware was featured...enough to remind a person of our might when we put our minds to something. I do want that rail gun that was featured in one scene, but that's another story. Friday night I went to the only true American sport...the 130th Mandan Rodeo.

Today, after I wake up I plan on celebrating like John Adams wrote to Abigael BEFORE the Declaration was signed. So, with much merriment I'm going to head out to the range with a couple .45's and my coyote rifle.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 2nd Tea Party

There were three Gadsen Flags and One US Jack. There was a little kid running around with a sign that read "North Dakotans FOR Global Warming." After last winter being just as bad as what Lewis and Clarck wintered in Fort Mandan I think ALL Dakotans want global warming.