Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just in case the Jack booted thugs don't have me on a watch list yet.

Just so there is no mistake: I FULLY OPPOSE ANY GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE. Since I barely trust the Almighty for my security, safety, and health and since the Almighty is capable of doing EVERYTHING, I sure am not going to trust some close-to-the-fort politician that I could get to milk a BULL.

When I was growing up in South Dakota I went with my Dad to see a friend at Fort Mead VA hospital. I was disgusted at the conditions at the hospital. Then there was an article back in February about health care on Indian Reservations being bad to poor. IF the government can't take care of what we are required to under treaty or moral obligation, we don't want it. Last week the chairmen of the House Committee in charge of this socialist bill said that congressmen wouldn't be forced to take part in the 'public plan.' I have an idea, IF they really want us to become slaves to the state and since VA hospitals are so pitiful, congressional health care should be provided either on the Reservations or at the VA's. This would guarantee that our veterans would be well taken care of, or members of Congress would get what they TRULY deserve. IF members of Congress won't be partaking part of the enslavement of the populace program, we DO NOT want this.

Socialized medicine has failed EVERYWHERE. The reason we have foreigners come here to get treated is because we have the best system, and that is because of the profit motive, socialism kills motive.

Not only do I not want this I am speaking out against this, the fascist technique of asking people to snitch on those opposed to this plan is forcing me to stand up AGAIN for the 1st Amendment. It should have been clear that Comrade President hates the Constitution with his 'bitter' comments, but he keeps proving it over and over again. I remember during the Iraq War we were told that dissent was the highest form of Patriotism...well, millions of Americans are dissenting and we are what? going to be rounded up? Going to GitMo?


MKotyk88 said...

Well said. I'm with you!

Inspector Clouseau said...

Interesting blog. By the way, have you ever seen the movie, "Meet John Doe?

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bill said...

I wouldn't trust the All Mighty too far. He's got all them orbits and black holes and galaxies to look after. Busy dude like that might not have time for health care. Planet earth so small he forgot where it is.

What kind of rifle is that?


While I do trust Him, there have been things in my life that has given me pause. I fully realize that God is capible, but I have seen times when He didn't intercede. I was kinda playing with Comrade president's bitter comments

It's a pre-1964 .32 Winchester