Monday, December 07, 2009


Granted I pray for Global Warming every year. There are so many things that aren't answered like: Since there were 10 ice ages, thus 10 periods of global warming, why is one degree in a hundred years worse, because climate has never been static? As far as I'm concerned if evolutionists are right and the Earth is billions of years old the supposed 1 degree increase (even though, supposedly the earth has cooled the last ten year) wouldn't mean anything, if the eight thousand years Creationists claim is correct then there maybe room for concern, the thing is crops grow better in warm climates, flu is spread better in colder temps.

So, who's to say Global Warming is a bad thing, those that profit from it al gore and general electric subsidiaries (msnbc)? The same people that whine about banks a private citizens making money from the stock market, or 'war profiteering' a strangely silent on this...especially the one's that hate it when ANYONE makes money doing ANYTHING else.

So, when I see this story about how may private jets flying in for that conference in Copenhagen, it makes me ask how serious the problem really is if those who are pushing the agenda refuse to take the lead. It points to the desire to control the same way the medieval Catholic Church did.

Since those who are pushing this ludicrous ideas aren't willing to live the way they DEMAND the rest of us to live then they should be ignored.

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