Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today is the National Day of the Cowboy

As if I need a reason to break out the Winchester and my Peacemaker, but I'll probably hit the range today with both to honor the cowpokes that has kept this great Nation in beef for more than a century.

I hear modern historians try to claim that our cowboy traditions go back to the Mexican Vaquiro, it seams like a stretch to me. Cowpokes always use what work. Vaquiros used a bolo when working cattle, on this side of the border we never did pick it up, for instance.

Those guys that drove horns post-Civil War were pretty well integrated. Only 1 in 3 were white, which means that the other two were likely either Indian, Mexican, or African-American.
So, by remembering this holiday we are really honoring the best of who we are or can be.