Thursday, September 09, 2010

It sure could have fooled me, because it sure felt like Heaven

Ever since the movie came out Dad and I talked about going to see the "Field" but we just never did more than talk. After Dad was killed, the last scene took where Ray got to ask his dad for a catch took on something that would be a view of Heaven for me. While I fully understand Theologically speaking there won't be baseball in Heaven...besides you couldn't get any umpires in *snicker.

I know when we get home we will meet the Saints before, but one of the things Dad and I would do to bond was to listen to the Twins and play a game of catch.

My Uncle stood back and watched people just walk into the pick-up game and was amazed that it didn't faze anyone...The only thing I can really say to that is the scene before Karen falls off the bleachers and James Earl Jones's Character tells Ray that they will come and not know why but the memories will be so thick that they will have to brush away the memories. There is a shared consciousness that the movie has brought to people.

While I'm sure my sister could explain the psychological thought that playing on the field it felt like I was having another catch with dad. (I fully realize I know it's more that I WANT to believe Dad knew I was's the same thing that mediums prey on) The trip obviously meant alot to me. I don't know how better to explain it than this and I know the friends that I have that don't have a great relationship with there dad may not fully understand, but the one or two that have lost their dad and they were really close will understand.

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