Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I quit being a Republican.

As November 2nd approaches my love of country gets more and more focused on politics. A while ago my mom and Step-sister asked why I ceased to be a Republican. To be totally honest, I have to start with the two biggest reasons: les lemm and the Minnesota Republican Party. Les reportedly is a 'conservative' but has never admitted his culpability and has blamed everyone other than himself...kind of like what liberals do to try to get murderers off. The Minnesota Republican Party couldn't care any less that they were running a killer about ten years ago.

I tried to hold on to my Republican roots through the Bush years, BUT there was one point where trent lott tried to silence dissent when they were trying to push immigration reform. I never really cared for john mccain, he lost ALOT of my respect with his pushing of campaign reform, I mean protect the incumbent act, AKA mccain/feingold. The Republican party the last ten years have tried to tell the rank and file to sit down and shut up we are better than the democrats...that may have been true until the first bail outs that President Bush pushed through. I take my Freedom of Speech as serious as I do practicing my 2nd Amendment rights.

The 'compromises' that were made with the left hasn't protected freedom but eroded it. AGAIN, I DO NOT believe in never works.

I have absolutely no respect for politicians like lindsey graham. If you straddle a barbwire fence like he tries to...

The total lack of support the Republican party has shown to Christine O'Donnell, Sarah, and those that have focused more on what the Founders intended rather than what the close-to-the-fort-politicians desire for more power.

I will admit I will be voting for Governor Hoeven for the US Senate, and Rick Berg for the House, and I will be voting for Republicans, but I WILL NOT EVER support Governor Huckabee because he pardoned at least 12 that needed to meet their maker rather than freedom and I WILL NOT vote for any politician that would limit free speech or brag about gun control they pushed, I don't care if I agree with 99.98% they believe. Limiting freedom is a threat to this nation no matter who pushes it.

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