Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas is Coming...And I can't wait.

For some reason this year I have been ready for Christmas since before Halloween. While honestly Halloween and New Years are the two holidays I generally ignore (inspite of doing Trunk or Treat with my church as a community outreach).

Christmas has always been the most important holiday for our family. I have only had two Christmas's that I can honestly say were horrible. One where I was all by myself and the Christmas after les's felony disappeared. Even the Christmas after Dad was killed has some really warm memories for me because we all clinged to each other because there wasn't anything else we could do. That was the Christmas we started doing things that would be more sentimental than necessarily practical.

While being a bachelor I don't have the stress of worrying whether or not I get my Christmas cards sent out (Being a bachelor I can just claim I'm an insensitive jerk and I don't know any better...people just sort of expect it of me so why not milk it) or worry about Christmas parties or Christmas programs.

I'll be honest I do enjoy Christmas shopping. Trying to figure out what will really touch mom or Brenda's heart is always kinda fun. Dwight is quite abit easier because he is a hunter so I just get what I'd want for him.

After dad was killed we haven't had a normal Christmas. Our Traditional Christmas was dad would do a Christmas eve service whether it was singing all the carols, a family communion, or a communion, then we'd come home eat pizza, dad would read the Christmas story out of Luke and then we'd open Grandma and Grandpa's gifts first so we could call them and thank them and then open the rest of the gifts. I don't know what my favorite gift was growing up (although, I do still have my Daisy BB gun). Last year was kind of fun even though we didn't make it to Brenda's. Getting snowed in Brooking where Dwight's dad is made for a fun vacation and Christmas. It's too bad my step sis and brother-in-law, and brother aren't going to be able to join us but that's life. I'm sure we'll Skype them at some point.

I don't make any bones about getting sentimental this time of year because for whatever reason this is the one time of year Christians seam to be able to be vocal about our faith anymore. I still love watching Frosty, Rudolph, and the Charlie Brown Christmas. It also is the only time adults can feel like kids. If my niece were closer she would be getting a stuffed horse about as big as she is. Well, what are hick uncles for but to spoil them with such things. When mom and Brenda are around I somehow even allow for watching those cheesy love stories on the Hallmark Channel.

The one tradition that we kind of have with our new extended family is we go to the movies. Whether or not we all go I think Brenda and I are going to the "True Grit" remake and I'm going to get to see a buddy I haven't seen since college and meet his girlfriend (weather permitting).

While I know that people say don't have big expectations for Christmas you'll be disappointed, my only real expectation is celebrating what Christ was willing to give up for us. While I hope we don't get snowed in Brookings this year and do make it to my sister's. It already has had some fun moments with the Dickens festival in Garrison and I'm hoping to talk at least one friend into going to look at Christmas lights.

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