Saturday, November 26, 2011


Growing up I've always heard people say some really, really incredibly silly things. Like money is the root of all evil. It isn't the love of it is how the verse reads. Then there's the concept that things don't bring happiness. REALLY?! I can't tell you how much enjoyment I received over from various Christmas gifts. I still get a smile when I turn the knob on the horse statue that plays the Bonanza theme. The things I value most don't necessarily have true intrinsic value. I know dad's mitt is probably worth only $.50 but I sure wouldn't take ten billion for it.

It isn't wrong to want things either, it isn't wrong to make a profit. It is seriously insulting to see a person holding a sign that reads "People not profits" when it is obvious that they make two or three times what they people that work at the place they are protesting. Another thing shouldn't people profit from their labors? Why should someone profit from NOT laboring? Leaving alone the sign was straight out of das kapital, the thought is incredibly short sighted because people SHOULD be compensated for their labor. Granted, I'm not happy about the landlords in the patch kicking people that have paid their rent for years in favor of raising rent. I don't deny people making as much money as they can, but at the same time there should be some sort of morality in it. In normal circumstances I'm against rent control...that the patch just is not normal circumstances.

I have no problem with people buying what they want or getting what they want, shopping where they want. Personally, I won't do business that support planned parenthood or the brady bunch, not as part as a organized campaign just personally I have X amount of money and I'd rather support businesses where I feel welcome.

There are things I want and dream about having. I know I will never have this unending happiness and there will always be something I want more of. But truth be told there's no measure of enjoyment I have gotten with two things 1) the Bible 2) the thousands of rounds through my .45. And how I spend my money is nobody's business other than the Almighty and myself. If you think that selfish, well that's your prerogative to think so, just remember the person who whined about Christ getting His feet oiled was Judas.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A life long bachelor's perspective on love, romance, and marriage

I'll start off with saying I enjoy my single life. I like not being forced to ask permission to do something, that's not to say I haven't looked the last couple of years, but if I single for the rest of my life so be it. I think the reason this is on the front of my mind is because of the four weddings I've gotten to this Summer (and the one I'm going to miss in TX) and it's come up in a couple discussions lately. The only missing is kids and I have enough 'adopted' nieces and nephews that sort of fill that spot. AND I stick to the idea it's better to have a warm pizza than a cold woman (the Craig Olmsted Paraphrase of the Proverb, "It's better to have stale bread than a quarrelsome woman)

First off, for a Christian guy it's alot easier for us to grasp the concept of love for the very simple reason that love is an action and an oath. I can't honestly say I know anyone that wouldn't put their life on the line for those that they love. Love can easily seen as a matter of duty or honor...something that is written deep on the heart of men. Or do what needs to be done to make someone happy. For guys love is about respect, and when it isn't given the man is robbed from his wife, or he's stealing something incredibly valuable to his wife.

The reason most guys don't get romance is the simple fact it's an emotion. Or we just can't grasp the concept of the power of a single rose. Speaking for myself, after most of the losses in my life I put up walls and defenses against emotions and it has been a battle to tear down. I joke about it being alot less scary dealing with someone wielding a knife, than it is to date because at least with that I came through unscathed. I'm not a poet and I really am not a fan of even the Psalms. If I were to write a poem it would sound like something that my niece Pen would write, but come to think of it, she'd do better. I'm no Lord Byron, nor would I ever want to be.

Watching those dumb jewelry commercials or wedding dresses commercials you'd think the most important day for a woman is her wedding day (mainly because they say it is.) Here's the deal, for Christians the most important day of their life is the day they accept Christ, the second is when the decide that they are going to love someone. A wedding day is just where those two facts intersect and the marriage ensues after that. Out here there are still a few of us that use the term "Getting Hitched." To be honest, I kinda like the visual. When a team is hitched you can adjust it so the stronger one does more of the pulling...being a former PK I can attest to the times when I've seen couples having to take turns on that. The concept of two working together facing life is kinda appealing (and probably as romantic as I actually get. To be perfectly honest, IF I ever do get roped into getting hitched I want someone that can side me, not follow or try to dominate. I tend not to handle domineering women well, they kinda irritate the living daylights out of me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years Later

While I tend to shy away from being a bandwagon person, and I even debated whether I really wanted to write a commemorative statement about what those monsters decided to do on 9/11 just because EVERYONE and the left is doing it.

It came down to the need to remind those around me that there is evil in this world and it must be opposed, no matter how high the cost. And the cost has always been paid by those that have picked up a rifle in defense of this nation and those that stayed behind.

Negotiating with evil will do nothing but give an opening that allows evil into you, doesn't do anything to make the evil righteous.

What was done to this nation wasn't the first terrorist attack, but it was probably the first time we actually stood up and kept going...even when the wusses amongst us has tried to talk us into a quagmire (not that Libya or Egypt is now).

While the destruction of the monsters hasn't been complete we have to keep opposing them, otherwise we are going to end up bowing to them. I generally oppose subjugating myself to anyone, least of all full-blown evil.

I know I could have gone into what I was doing when I heard, but then it's about me. Not about those that died for this country. They are the heroes and need to be remembered.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

National Day of the Cowboy

A few years ago a group decided we needed to remember our Western Heritage and petitioned Congress for a National Day of the Cowboy. Since it has been remember for more than three years it is an Official Holiday.

The cowboy represents what's great about this Nation. only 1 in 3 cowpokes were white, which means that a cattle company was incredibly integrated and a man was measured by what he could do, not the color of his hide.

I was raised that cowboys are always honest, looked out for their fellow man, loved the land, and never took more than was needed. I'll admit I'm old fashioned, but reflecting on honor and duty is something we all should do.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love my job

I had to go talk to someone in an office today. There was a lady working with this pistol. It is a Plant's Manufacturing Model 3 in .42. It's date of manufacture is 1863. The ability to handle something that has been there and done that is unbelievable.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Camp shotgun

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Those who are whining about the celebrating and those that are celebrating

Now that a couple days has passed since the worlds greatest monster has met his end since joe stalin I think that I'll throw my buck fifty out. I'll admit when I got the news I was happy, shoot, I cheered. Not that eliminating him was going to be the end all, but because we have tough men who are willing to die to protect us, and got a job done that needed to be done.

I've seen Christians that have said, things like 'Not that I should cheer that a life has ended.' While on some level that is true, but the thing is true justice in this world needs to be applauded. Contrary to what karl marx and Rob Bell believe man is not perfectable. Man is fallen and the only way that changes is through Christ, not blowing up women and children.

I have friends that have been in the Suck. EVERYTHING that they have put on the line and sacrificed they EVERY right to celebrate. I don't care what some whiney Christian says about we shouldn't rejoice, yes I read the scriptures that say we shouldn't when our enemies fall. So what? It's easy for those who have never risked anything who sit behind a desk to say that shouldn't happen.

Then there are those that were celebrating just to celebrate. I'll about bet half of those that were celebrating were doing so as an excuse to party, didn't have a clue what was going on but wanted to be apart of something, or a week ago wanted to pull out of Afghanistan. Shoot, President barry a couple weeks ago was willing to not pay our guys.

This concept of there will be retaliation because of this is just stupid. ANYONE that pays half a bit of attention will realize that they would attack us if we did nothing...oh wait they have time and again during the clinton administration.

The other bad thing is osama became a boogie man. Now that we got him and he's dead those that would rather watch American idol and be sheep will go back to being sheep. I'm glad we've got sheepdogs like SeaL Team Six. God Bless all of them for what they have to sacrifice for us.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 1911 adoption day

Today is the 100 anniversery of the adoption of the 1911 by the United States Military and was the standard issue side arm upto the mid 1980s. There are still Police Departments, SWAT teams and various operators that are still using the 1911. SO, those of us that are gun guys celebrate like it's 1911 and strap it on

Friday, January 07, 2011