Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Those who are whining about the celebrating and those that are celebrating

Now that a couple days has passed since the worlds greatest monster has met his end since joe stalin I think that I'll throw my buck fifty out. I'll admit when I got the news I was happy, shoot, I cheered. Not that eliminating him was going to be the end all, but because we have tough men who are willing to die to protect us, and got a job done that needed to be done.

I've seen Christians that have said, things like 'Not that I should cheer that a life has ended.' While on some level that is true, but the thing is true justice in this world needs to be applauded. Contrary to what karl marx and Rob Bell believe man is not perfectable. Man is fallen and the only way that changes is through Christ, not blowing up women and children.

I have friends that have been in the Suck. EVERYTHING that they have put on the line and sacrificed they EVERY right to celebrate. I don't care what some whiney Christian says about we shouldn't rejoice, yes I read the scriptures that say we shouldn't when our enemies fall. So what? It's easy for those who have never risked anything who sit behind a desk to say that shouldn't happen.

Then there are those that were celebrating just to celebrate. I'll about bet half of those that were celebrating were doing so as an excuse to party, didn't have a clue what was going on but wanted to be apart of something, or a week ago wanted to pull out of Afghanistan. Shoot, President barry a couple weeks ago was willing to not pay our guys.

This concept of there will be retaliation because of this is just stupid. ANYONE that pays half a bit of attention will realize that they would attack us if we did nothing...oh wait they have time and again during the clinton administration.

The other bad thing is osama became a boogie man. Now that we got him and he's dead those that would rather watch American idol and be sheep will go back to being sheep. I'm glad we've got sheepdogs like SeaL Team Six. God Bless all of them for what they have to sacrifice for us.

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